Preventing Violence Against Women


Please note, active promotion and implementation of the Ballarat Community Charter concluded in 2017.

Preventing violence against women before it occurs has positive impacts not only for women but for the whole community.

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Why we need a Charter?

The City of Ballarat acknowledges no one should be subjected to torture or to cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment (The Universal Declaration of Human Rights 1948).

The Charter was developed because:

  • Evidence tells us that for Victorian women aged 14-44 years intimate partner violence is more damaging to their health then other factors like obesity and smoking
  • Women are three times more likely to be victims of intimate partner violence then men
  • Violence against women was estimated to cost the Australian economy $13.6 billion in 2009-$3.4 billion for the state of Victoria
  • One in four young people have witnessed violence against their mother or step mother

See the Health Costs of Violence by VicHealth.


Aims of the Charter

The Charter for Prevention of Violence against Women aims to:

  • To increase awareness of violence against women as a key social and health issue
  • Highlight the need for a community approach to prevention
  • Gather support for action that reduces violence against women
  • To inspire people to act at an individual and community level to eliminate the attitudes that support violence.



The City of Ballarat acknowledges the following contributors for their involvement in developing the Charter for the Prevention of Violence against Women and Implementation Plan 2012-2017:

  • Leah Keegan and Lany Johnson Ballarat and District Aboriginal Cooperative
  • Jeanine Le Valliant Grampians Integrated Family Violence Committee
  • Louise Ferry and Cora Wierenga Ballarat Community Health Centre
  • Leo Brunelle University of Ballarat
  • Regina Baustista Ballarat Regional Multicultural Council
  • Sgt Joe Cahir and Sgt Mathew Sims Victoria Police
  • Claire McKenna Central Highlands Primary Care Partnership
  • Kate Souter and Emma Mahony Women’s Health Grampians