Mobility Map


Development of the Mobility Map is the result of work undertaken by RuralAccess at the 'Wheelies Forum' held in 2004. This forum, as part of the development of the Ballarat Access Book, was organise by RuralAccess to identify preferred routes of travel across footpaths in Ballarat for people in scooters or wheelchairs. This in turn was merged with an existing map that prioritised funding for footpath repairs. The result was Mobility Map, highlighting the safest and best maintained footpaths available in Ballarat.

Download the Mobility Map - Greater Ballarat Area (PDF - 880KB).

About the Map

The Ballarat Mobility Map shows colour coded preferred routes of travel for intersections and paths which indicate Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) compliance, as well as those that have been identified for future works. The map also includes other services in Ballarat and features as follows:

  • steep gradients
  • public wheelchair accessible toilets
  • private wheelchair accessible toilets (for example - accessible toilets that are situated in places like Myer, Big W or supermarkets)
  • accessible parking bays
  • shopping centres
  • key landmarks and services (hospitals, police stations, post offices, etc)
  • tourist information centres and key tourist venues