A planning scheme amendment is the process used to introduce a change to the planning scheme and will be based on a heritage study or statement of significance.  As the heritage overlay is part of the planning scheme any changes to the heritage overlay require a change to the planning scheme. This may be a change to the map, a change to the schedule, a new planning policy, change to the municipal strategic statement or inclusion of new incorporated or reference documents. Many heritage planning scheme amendments will consist of many or all of these changes.

As the planning scheme applies to land use and development, the heritage overlay only applies to heritage places. Objects and collections of heritage value can be listed on the Victorian heritage register or protected through collection management policy and procedures.

Recent heritage amendments:

Since 2000 two heritage related planning scheme amendments have been approved:

  • Amendment C58 introduced 19 heritage precincts into Schedule to the Heritage Overlay (numbers HO163 to HO181).
  • Amendment C107  introduced six heritage precincts into the Schedule to the Heritage Overlay (numbers HO183 to HO188).

Further information and files to download in association with these two amendments can be found by clicking the hypertext link.