Bushfire Management Overlay


Areas included in the BMO are areas that have the highest fire risk and are likely to be particularly exposed to the impact of bushfire.

The purpose of the BMO is to:

  • identify areas where bushfire hazard requires bushfire protection measures to be implemented;
  • ensure that the location, design and construction of development and the implementation of bushfire protection measures are considered;
  • ensure that development does not proceed unless the risk to life and property from bushfire is managed to an acceptable level.

The BMO is detailed at Clause 44.06 of the Ballarat Planning Scheme: 

The requirements for new development in the BMO are set out in Clause 52.47 of the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

Permit Applications in the BMOTop of document.

CFA has prepared guidelines for permit applicants:

Planning for Bushfire Victoria 

The following interactive guide illustrates some of the issues which may arise when preparing a permit application under the BMO:

DPCD - BMO Interactive Guide

A permit application under the BMO must include:

  • a locality and site description; and
  • a bushfire management statement.

Locality and Site Description

The locality and site description must be in the form of a scaled plan that accurately describes the site and land within 250 metres of the site boundary.Depending on the size of the development it may be appropriate to provide two separate plans, one describing the site and one the local context. If available, the site and locality plans should be based on recent aerial photography.


Bushfire Management StatementTop of document.

A Bushfire Management Statement must contain:

  • a Bushfire Site Assessment prepared to calculate defendable space and construction requirements for new development;
  • a report demonstrating how the application meets the relevant objectives, standards, mandatory standard and decision guidelines set out in Clause 52.47.

DPCD has prepared a number of resources to serve as a guide in the preparation of the required BMO documentation:

Even with the assistance of the above DPCD guides, often BMO matters can be complex and the permit application process time consuming.  Suitably qualified consultants specialising in BMO matters can be engaged to assist in the preparation of a BMO permit application.  

Accredited bushfire consultancy services can be searched by postcode.

Note: This list is provided for information only.  Council does not recommend any particular service or the quality of the service provided.  Other consultants may be available and it is the applicant’s responsibility to select an appropriate consultant as deemed necessary. 

Referral to the Country Fire Authority (CFA)

All planning permit applications in the BMO must be referred to the CFA and must meet all of the CFAs requirements.  The CFA advises Council if any specific planning permit conditions are needed or if it objects to the granting of a planning permit.   The CFA can request more information from Council; this information is then requested from the applicant by Council.    


Subdivision and Section 173 AgreementTop of document.

Under the BMO a planning permit for subdivision requires a section 173 agreement to be entered into which sets out the bushfire protection measures contained in the subdivision permit. A template section 173 agreement is provided here:

BMO s173 Template



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