Appealing a Council Decision


Applicants or objectors who disagree with Council’s decision on a planning permit application can apply to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to review Council’s decision.

Appeal to VCAT: Applicants and Objectors

A planning permit applicant has 60 days from the date of Council’s decision to submit a review to VCAT.

An objector to a planning permit application has 21 days from the date of Council’s Notice of Decision to Grant a Planning Permit to submit a review to VCAT.

Information on how to apply for a review of Council’s decision is written on the back of the planning permit, Notice of Decision or the Refusal Notice.  

The VCAT review process for planning permits

  1. Download and fill in the Application for Review form from the Victorian Civil & Administrative Tribunal 
  2. Send it to the Application Registrar of the Planning List and pay the relevant fees.

VCAT will write to you and tell you to write to the people involved in the planning permit application. VCAT will tell you which people to write to and give you the forms you need to send out.

VCAT decisions

One or more members of VCAT decide on your application for review. VCAT decisions bind everyone involved in the appeal, except where a question of law is involved and an appeal is sought before the Supreme Court.