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Soccer HeaderWork on the $5.3 million redevelopment of the Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility is on schedule for completion early in 2014.

Major Project Works Update (July 2014)

  • Works completed on #1 Natural Turf pitch (300 lux lighting)
  • Works completed on #4 Synthetic pitch (100 lux lighting)
  • Car park complete
  • First floor nearing completion
  • Grandstand to be completed by September 2014
  • Landscape design underway to be completed Spring 2014
  • Tree removal and widening of pitch #3 to begin in coming months

The project is being jointly funded by Council and the Regional Development Australia Fund. 

Booking the Venue

Please contact the Ballarat Regional Soccer Facility Manager Mitch Jenkins on 0427 427 621 to enquire about booking of the venues pitches or function space.



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Project Status : On Track 

Natural (stadium) pitch -  Turf laid.

Works to complete:

  • Paths and fences

Synthetic (practice) pitch 

Works to complete/in progress:

  • Earthworks
  • Drainage
  • Synthetic turf laying
  • Paths and fences


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  • 2013
    • August - September
      • Tender Pitches
      • Tender Pavilion
    • August - September
      • Road Design
    • October - December
      • Construction - Pitches
      • Construction - Pavilion
    • October - December
      • Procure Road Works/Landscaping
  • 2014 
    • January - March
      • Construction Continuing
    • April
      • Asian Cup Organising Committee Inspection