As a key initiative of the Ballarat’s long-term plan for growth to 2040 – Today Tomorrow Together: The Ballarat Strategy - Council is committed to delivering Local Area Plans for six settlements and townships across the municipality in partnership with local communities, including Miners Rest.

The Miners Rest Plan: Our Township Towards 2040 project was launched in March with an initial round of community consultation held to determine what residents love about their town, what they imagine for the future, and what they would like toretain.

Throughout the consultation period 123 written submissions were received in total, including:

  • 46 online survey responses
  • 63 postcard submissions
  • 14 individual written submissions

In addition, approximately 40 community members attended the drop-in session held 21 March 2017 at the Miners Rest Primary School. Submissions were overwhelmingly positive, with many residents expressing support for the development of the Plan.

Top Responses Top of document.


  • The country atmosphere and local environment of the town, with it being quiet and peaceful.
  • The sense of community spirit, with diverse age groups, from young families to retirees.
  • Close proximity to Ballarat but still feels like a country town.
  • Being family-orientated and a positive place to raise children, as it is a relaxed, safe and has a caring community.
  • The open rural landscapes and wider views to Mount Rowan and towards the Pyrenees.
  • The pub, supermarket, corner store and post office as positive town assets.
  • Miners Rest provides country living with city access and being a ‘satellite’ community to Ballarat with no industry or commercialisation.


  • Provision of more retail shops, cafés, chemist, doctors’ surgery etc.
  • Provision of a sporting hub including sports ovals, netball courts, bowling club, leisure centre, gym, swimming pool / waterpark, café etc.
  • Provision of improved park facilities including, paths and play equipment (swings, slides, toilet blocks, BBQ equipment, drinking taps etc.).
  • Development of more walking and bike tracks to connect different parts of the town, as well as Ballarat and the surrounding region (including from MacArthur Park into Miners Rest, and open Nelson Street past the quarry to connect to the school).
  • Implementation of better traffic management within and surrounding the town, including more formalised roads.
  • Provision of a true town centre / village centre to provide a focal point for the town.


  • The rural nature, community focus and small town feel
  • The friendly, safe and thriving country feel.
  • Parklands and open spaces.
  • Large blocks, avoiding high-density housing.
  • Existing commercial facilities.


The results of this initial round of consultation, along with the feedback and suggestions contained in 123 written surveys and submissions, were reported back to the community through the ‘What You Said’ report released in May. The What You Said report also presented a draft Community Vision, formed from community ideas and input received during consultation.

Draft Community Vision Top of document.

The Draft Community Vision for Miners Rest in 2040 is:

  • A family oriented rural township with a friendly and inclusive spirit
  • A compact and contained township functioning as a separate ‘satellite’ settlement to Ballarat
  • A township character which is positively influenced by location within a broader open rural landscape
  • A township with ample commercial uses and activities serving the day to day needs of the local community
  • A vibrant, inviting, attractive and clean township with well-designed tree-lined streetscapes and pedestrian / cycle connections linking all major community hubs (incl. primary school, community hall/s, recreation reserves, sports ovals etc.)
  • A township recognized and celebrated for its significant equine industry
  • A township with ample public transport opens and safely managed vehicle traffic 

Development of an ‘Issues and Opportunities’ report is currently underway. This report is intended to combine community feedback and suggestions with expert analysis to provide an overview of the key challenges and opportunities in achieving the community’s vision for Miners Rest.

The community will be invited to discuss ideas contained in the Issues and Opportunities report through  workshops to be held in early October. The Draft Township Plan will be released for feedback later in the year.

For further information on The Miners Rest Plan, please contact the Strategic Planning Team on 5320 7420 or email