Proposed Redevelopment of the Ballarat Major Events Precinct


Public information session

4-7pm on Thursday 3rd December 

North Ballarat Sports Club, Creswick Road, Ballarat, VIC.

During this time, residents and interested persons are invited to drop-in and view information about the Precinct redevelopment and the Eureka Stadium Upgrade.

The Victorian State Government is providing a total of $31.5 million towards the Major Events Precinct redevelopment, which includes upgrading Eureka Stadium, the Wendouree Sports and Events Centre, the C.E. Brown Reserve redevelopment and the Ballarat Showgrounds. Regional Development Victoria (RDV) is working with Council to implement these projects. 

In late October 2015, Council resolved to request the Minister for Planning to undertake an Amendment (C197) to the Ballarat Planning Scheme, to facilitate the redevelopment of the precinct as outlined in theMajor Events Precinct Master Plan (2015).In addition to the targeted consultation undertaken during the development of the Master Plan, Council is now undertaking community consultation.

Renowned Melbourne architectural firm Peddle Thorp Architects has been appointed the lead architect to deliver the project.

Work has already begun on realigning the football oval’s orientation by 32 degrees to meet AFL and Western Bulldogs requirements. Other components of the project include:

  • Replacing and improving the playing surface.
  • Installing watering and drainage systems.
  • Reducing the oval size to be the same as Etihad Stadium and making more room for proposed grandstands and match-day facilities.
  • Upgrading change rooms and match-day facilities to AFL standard.
  • Upgrading stadium seating, providing public shelters, toilets for all-abilities access, catering and food beverage facilities and ticketing infrastructure.
  • Improving lighting around the main oval and providing a video and electronic scoreboard.

The project will deliver more than 5,000 undercover seats and a total stadium capacity of more than 11,000 spectators.

The project is expected to create 38 construction jobs, attract an additional 1500 participants to stadium activities annually, draw another 21,000 visitors to Ballarat each year and increase annual tourism spending in the city by up to $3.6 million.

An upgrade of the adjacent #2 oval is also underway to provide an alternative training venue and manage usage loads of Eureka Stadium’s playing surface.

Works have been enabled following the completion of the Ballarat Major Events Precinct Master Plan.

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Frequently Asked QuestionsTop of document.

What are the benefits of redeveloping the Precinct?

The upgrade of the Precinct will deliver sporting facilities of an exceptional quality for local sporting clubs and the broader Ballarat community.

The upgrade of Eureka Stadium is one of the first projects in the redevelopment of the Ballarat Major Events Precinct. The Stadium upgrade will include: new grandstand seating for 5,000 supporters; additional standing capacity; new AFL field alignment; new broadcast/radio boxes; scoreboard; and lighting upgrades.

The Western Bulldogs have committed to playing 2 to 3 games a season in Ballarat, to begin with 1 game in 2017.

How much funding has been committed to the Precinct?

The Victorian State Government has committed $31.5 million to upgrading the Ballarat Major Events Precinct. This is made up of $15 million for Eureka Stadium, $2.5 million for CE Brown Reserve change rooms, $9 million for Ballarat Sports & Events Centre (basketball/netball stadium) and $5 million for the showground’s upgrade. The City of Ballarat has committed $5 million to the Ballarat Sports & Events Centre.

Why is the Minister for Planning undertaking this process and not Council?

Given that the redevelopment is in line with an adopted Council Master Plan and the intention for the Eureka Stadium upgrade to be ready for the 2017 AFL season, it is considered appropriate the Minister for Planning oversees the Amendment process.

Lighting towers:

Will the Hours of operation change?

There are no proposed changes to the current arrangements; the AFL will not be playing night games.

What changes will be noticed due to lighting upgrades?

The new towers are slightly taller than the old ones. The new system will be 300lux, the old system was 200lux. The new light system will have improved light throw, angled with baffles that will only allow minimal light spill beyond the oval boundary.

Oval Design and Orientation

Why was the oval moved?

The 32degree realignment moved the oval 10m further away from White Avenue. This move allowed for greater development on the centre wings which is the optimal viewing areas for AFL.

Grandstand on White Avenue Side (West)

Why is the stand on the West side of the ground?

Seats on the west side are preferred as games are generally played in the afternoon; people sitting on the east side would be looking into the sun.

What is the height of the proposed stand?

The concept plans show a grandstand around 12-15m high, although this concept is not locked in. With the oval relocation the stand will be pushed further away from White Avenue.

Will there be some form of noise barriers?

Provision of noise barriers will be addressed in the detailed design of the stand. It is considered that the hours of operation will minimise the need for noise controls.

Traffic and Parking

Where will patrons to events Park? How will the local streets be impacted by this increased traffic?

A Traffic & Parking Assessment will be completed as part of the project. The assessment will need to show how any amenity impacts will be minimised. White Avenue is not proposed as an access point for cars. The Master Plan shows concept plans for parking. It is also expected that a bus service will operate to evacuate patrons from events expeditiously.


What will be the visual effect of the grandstand in White Avenue?

This will be addressed with the architect as part of the design process, but it is identified as a key issue.

Will there be trees/ planting and noise barriers in place

The current Landscaping treatment on White Avenue and Beach Avenue will be enhanced.

Have Your SayTop of document.

You are invited to make a written submission on your views of the proposed Precinct redevelopment and Eureka Stadium upgrade, giving your name and contact address.

Submissions are to be sent to Planning Strategy, City of Ballarat, PO Box 655, Ballarat VIC 3353 or via email to

(Name and contact details of submitters are required for Council to consider submissions and to notify such persons of the opportunity to attend any future meetings).

When does my submission need to be in by?

The closing date for submissions is Friday 18th December 2015.

What will happen to my submission?

Council and Regional Development Victoria will provide a report presenting the details of all submissions received to the Minister for Planning to consider.

A public open house information session will be held between 4-7pm on Thursday 3rd December at the North Ballarat Sports Club, Creswick Road, Ballarat, VIC.

During this time, residents and interested persons are invited to drop-in and view information about the Precinct redevelopment and the Eureka Stadium Upgrade.