The project is located on the site of the current fernery at the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

Project DescriptionTop of document.

The Ballarat Fernery Redevelopment project has a number of objectives including the development of a fernery structure and landscaping features that enhances Ballarat Botanical Garden’s plant collection and creates a destination for visitors of all ages to partake in a wondrous natural experience of a plant orientated nature. Enriching the historical, cultural, scientific, aesthetic and social significance of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens. Show casing outstanding architectural design and construction techniques through cost effective and innovative design that’s functional and beautiful.

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The social implications of this project are significant. Completing the fernery redevelopment project will result in enhancing the Ballarat Botanical Garden’s creating a wonderful destination for visitors of all ages. The project is also expected to have a positive effect on the local economy encouraging tourism to Ballarat and the Ballarat Botanical Gardens.

Project FinancialsTop of document.

The vision for the Ballarat Fernery Redevelopment is based on a $4 million budget. A concept design has been developed based on the vision. Funding available for the project is $1.4 million and construction will be staged in line with available funding.

Estimated cost of operation and maintenance TBA.

The Ballarat Fernery Redevelopment is a Council Priority Project and the City has committed $1.4 million for the first stage of the project. The Friends of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens group has raised $150,000 for the project with fundraising efforts continuing.

Council together with The Friends of the Ballarat Botanical Gardens group are developing a submission for future funding of the project through the RDV Visitor & Economy funding stream.

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