Woodman's Hill Master Plan


Council resolved 28 January 2015 to adopt the Woodmans Hill Gateway Precinct Master Plan with the modifications recommended by the Planning Panel. The Panel took place over two days from 23-24 October 2014. The Panel report has now been received and is available here for download. The Amendment has now been lodged with the Minister for Planning for final approval, which may take several months. All of the final lodged documentation can be accessed at the bottom of this page.

The Woodmans Hill Gateway Precinct Master Plan (WHGPMP) has, in various forms, been in development for a number of years. Currently there is no accepted strategic land use direction for the Precinct.  The WHGPMP seeks to provide this direction, acknowledging that the area has long been identified as the key entrance and gateway into Ballarat. The master plan relates to land along both sides of the Western Highway between the eastern municipal boundary and the first main entry into Ballarat (study area boundary shown as red dotted line).

Woodmans Rezone0

The Master Plan has been developed with significant input from local residents and businesses over a number of years. This version of the plan considers the community feedback received to date.

Master Plan ProposalTop of document.

What does the Master Plan propose?

The Master Plan and associated Planning Scheme Amendment C173 includes:

  • Rezoning of some land to the south of the Western Highway from Mixed Use Zone to Rural Living Zone (see attached map), with all other land to remain in its current zone;
  • Recognition of two sites north of the Western Highway for potential future development (rezoning of the land is not a part of this Amendment) (as shown) 

    Woodmans Rezone1 
  • Extension and modifications to the Design and Development Overlay that already applies to part of the area (as shown);

    Woodmans Rezone2 
  • Introduction of Woodmans Hill as a Local Area Policy in the planning scheme, providing guidance on the type of development that can occur in the area; and
  • Changes to the Municipal Strategic Statement to align the planning scheme with the recommendations of the master plan;