Victoria Park South and Ballarat Livestock Selling Centre



The Victoria Park and Ballarat Livestock Selling Centre Precinct Plan provides guidance for the future use, development and management of the southern portion of Victoria Park and the Ballarat Livestock Selling Centre (BLSC).  The Plan builds on the Victoria Park Management, Use and Development Framework (2004). 

The recent adoption of the Ballarat West Growth Area Plan has highlighted the importance of Victoria Park as an open space and recreational asset for the municipality’s increasing population to the west.  This, in addition to Council’s resolution to relocate the Ballarat Livestock Selling Centre, has indicated the need to improve the amenity in the area.   

 The plan addresses a range of issues including:

  • Activities and land use;
  • Landscape and open space;
  • Built form and urban design;
  • Access, Services and infrastructure. 

Community consultation was conducted in 2006, and an options paper was placed on public exhibition in 2007.  The feedback from the community was considered in the development of the Plan.    

The key recommendations of the Plan are for Council to:

  • Commence negotiations to remove the restrictive caveat on the BLSC site to enable uses other than ‘saleyard operations’ and ‘railway reserve’ following its relocation;
  • Consider rezoning the BLSC site to an Industrial 3 Zone and encourage low impact industrial uses on the western part of the site to create a buffer between high impact industrial uses and future residential development to the west; 
  • Improve the amenity and safety of the area through the use of guidelines for appropriate development, design and landscaping;
  • Commence negotiations and initiatives to improve linkages in the area;
  • Prioritise capital investment to improve the amenity, safety and landscaping in the area;
  • Protect significant grasslands and vegetation in Victoria Park; and
  • Encourage the incorporation of environmentally sustainable design initiatives in industrial developments in the area. 

Council will use the Precinct Plan to guide decisions for future use and development of the precinct and to inform the proposed Delacombe Industrial Precinct Study. 

For more information, please download the Victoria Park South and Ballarat Livestock Selling Centre Precinct Plan