Draft Greenhill Rd Development Feasibility Study


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Read the Draft Greenhill Road Development Feasibility Study (the Draft Study) documents :

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Formally : The City of Ballarat welcomes public submissions on the this draft study. Submissions close at 5pm August 25th 2014.

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City Strategy - Greenhill Road Development
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The future of the area between Mount Helen and Mount Clear, east of Geelong Road, is being considered in the Draft Greenhill Road Development Feasibility Study.

You are encouraged to comment on the Draft Study so that all perspectives can be considered at this early stage of planning. A map of the study area is shown below.

Aspects taken into consideration to develop this draft concept include local values, transport linkages, open space, environmental connections, surrounding residential development, view lines from Geelong Road and opportunities to link the land with the nearby university.

What is this study?

The Draft Greenhill Road Development Feasibility Study (the Draft Study) looks to the future of the area in the Farming Zone between Mount Clear and Mount Helen. It presents an opportunity for discussion around what the area has the potential to look like over the long-term.

This Draft Study has been developed with initial feedback from landowners, community groups and relevant government authorities. 

Why is this necessary?

The land is within the Farming Zone but is fragmented and no longer considered viable for agricultural use. It currently contains a number of rural lifestyle properties. The current Farming Zone is no longer considered the most appropriate zone for this area.

It is important that a clear long-term vision  for the area is developed to guide use and change of the land over the long-term. There is the opportunity for the land to contribute to improved connectivity, liveability and amenity for existing and future residents. This study is the first step in identifying a vision and long-term planning concept for the area


What has been considered?

The Draft Study explores future options and provides broad direction for the integrated development of the area that is responsive to the demographic, cultural and environmental context of the Canadian Valley.

The Draft Study provides guidance on a wide range of possible future outcomes including diverse housing opportunities, open space, environmental interfaces, trails and connectivity, and traffic management options. 

What next?

After receiving feedback on the Draft Study, it will be finalised. The final study will then be presented at a Council meeting where Councillors will decide whether to adopt the Study and to act on its recommendations to inform the future planning controls.

Why haven’t I heard about this project before?

Targeted workshops have previously been held with landowners, government authorities and key interest groups to develop a concept that could be discussed with the wider community.

The release of this Draft Study is the first step in developing a vision and long-term planning concept for the area. This is your opportunity to provide feedback on the draft concept before it is considered by Council.




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