Black Hill Reserve Masterplan


The Master Plan was informed by the Black Hill Reserve Consultation Committee, Black Hill Primary School students and feedback from approximately 130 residents who attended an open house drop-in session in June.  

Key Points.

Area 1 – Open Parklands

  • Retain as open parkland without bike trails.
  • Improve entrance signage and the main entrance road and access.
  • Install a new footpath along Chisholm Street to the lookout.
  • Develop wetlands in lower areas.
  • Selectively remove and uplift trees to open this area up for passive use. 

Area 2 – South-Western Slopes

  • Improve and redevelop existing mountain bike trails to be retained.
  • Enhance native vegetation areas.
  • Improve shared paths for maintenance and pedestrians linking from the Yarrowee River to the lookout.
  • Where practical and safe, provide access to and interpretation of historical features.

Area 3 – Lookout

  • Permanently close lower section of carpark and redevelop upper carpark to provide for up to 30 vehicles and buses.
  • Demolish old viewing platform and create new cantilevered viewing structure with shelter and interpretation panels.
  • Provide new public toilets, bbq shelters, picnic facilities, fencing and signage.
  • Redevelop the existing steps and paths to create a short walking loop.
  • Remove vegetation to maintain views.

Area 4 – South -Eastern Slopes

  • Improve and redevelop existing mountain bike trails.
  • Retain the existing character of the established pine plantation areas.
  • Develop new informal parking area and public access off Brooksbank Court.
  • Formally incorporate four parcels of Crown and Council land into the Reserve boundaries.

 Black Hill


In 2013 a report for development of Black Hill reserve as a site for Mountain Bike trails was prepared and adopted by Council. Council endorsed proposal for development of Master Plan through a Consultative Committee.

In April 2014 a Draft Vision and Objectives were developed by the Black Hill Reserve Master Plan Consultation Committee. 

Draft Vision To recognise Black Hill Reserve as a significant Ballarat landmark through the preservation and enhancement of its recreational, historical, and environmental features to encourage greater use and enjoyment of this unique parkland

The general principles of undertaking a Master Planning process for Public Reserves are to:

  • Engage with key stakeholders and residents 
  • Improve community safety and engagement in the reserve 
  • Guide the future use, development and management of the reserve 
  • Improve access, linkages and connectivity of the reserve to surrounding areas 
  • Encourage increased and multi‐use of the reserve for a broader range of activities and users.

June 2013 - Community Engagement

The community engagement process commenced by inviting residents, local community groups, the Black Hill Primary School community and the broader community to attend an Open House drop in session at the Black Hill Primary School on Thursday June 5th from 7.00-9.00pm

It was attended by approximately 130 adults and children. Different themes were placed around the room and attendees were encouraged to move around, talk to Council staff, make comments on plans, fill in feedback forms and actively vote for their preferred concepts for the lookout and objectives for the rest of the Reserve.

The community was invited to make submissions until June 27th . Sixty six (66) forms and submissions were received during this period.