The principal purpose of the Interim Activity Centres Strategy is to:

Provide a policy framework for retailing activities within the wider activity centre context of Ballarat (that is within the broader context of all of the activities in Ballarat's activity centres);

Provide an interim policy document for retailing and commercial activity to guide Council policy until the completion and adoption of the Activity Centres Strategy.


  • Provide a first assessment of the extent and diversity of land uses in the City's activity centres and precincts;
  • provide an understanding of the inter-relationship between retailing, commercial activities and other activities in the City's activity centres;
  • provide an assessment of the contribution of retailing to other activities in the City's economy; and
  • provide a policy framework that considers retail and service needs within the broader context of the City's activity centres;

Key Outcomes

The Interim Activity Centres Strategy is required to produce the following outcomes:

  • A strategic context for a broad-based retail strategy for the City of Ballarat;
  • An interim strategy, vision and strategic directions for the City's activity centres;
  • An activity centre hierarchy for the City of Ballarat; and
  • Interim development assessment criteria to assess proposed retailing and commercial developments in the City of Ballarat;

Where is the Interim Strategy at?

Council adopted the Interim Activity Centres Strategy at the Council meeting on 12th May 2010.

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