UPDATE: December 2016

The new Local Planning Policy Framework, implementing Today, Tomorrow, Together: The Ballarat Strategy (2015) into the Ballarat Planning Scheme (Amendment C194) has now been formally approved by the Minister for Planning. The amendment was approved in late December 2016. the new MSS now forms part of Council’s Planning Scheme which can be accessed here - http://planning-schemes.delwp.vic.gov.au/schemes/ballarat


August 18 2016 Update – Panel Report received

Council have now received the independent Planning Panel report for Amendment C194 – new Local Planning Policy Framework. A report regarding the Panel’s report will be presented at the Council meeting on 24 August 2016. Councillors will decide whether to adopt the recommendations of the Planning Panel and proceed with the Amendment.

Amendment C194 proposes to rewrite the Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) to reflect the policy directions of the Ballarat Strategy and the Ballarat Economic Program, as detailed below. Content from the existing LPPF that aligns with the directions of the Ballarat Strategy also forms part of the exhibited LPPF.

The Strategy is Ballarat’s new long-term land use strategy for managing change towards 2040. It replaces the Ballarat Strategy Plan (1998), and provides comprehensive contemporary land use direction and local planning policy guidance. The Ballarat Economic Program 2015-2019 (which is fully integrated within the Ballarat Strategy) provides complementary economic guidance relevant to long-term growth and change.

Amendment C194 proposed Planning Scheme changes

Amendment C194 proposes to update the Ballarat Planning Scheme to recognise the Ballarat Strategy and Ballarat Economic Program (2015-2019) by:

  • Re-writing the LPPF by deleting clauses 21.01 – 21.09 of the Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) and replacing them with new clauses 21.01 – 21.09 to implement Today, Tomorrow, Together: Ballarat Strategy (2015) (in accordance with the recommendations of the Ballarat Planning Scheme Review Report 2015
    (adopted 22 June 2015))
  • Replace existing Clause 21.10 with a new Clause 21.10 which updates the list of reference documents
  • Combining Clause 22.05 – 22.12 into one heritage local policy (22.06), retaining the current content
  • Insert a new Clause 22.08 – Park Signage, based on existing content in Clause 21.06.

The amendment also introduces two new reference documents into the MSS – ‘Today Tomorrow Together: The Ballarat Strategy Our Vision for 2040’ and ‘Ballarat Economic Program 2015-2019’ at Clause 21.10, along with making minor ancillary changes to clause numbers in Clause 22.

Would you like to speak to someone about this?

Please contact Jessie Keating, Manager Strategic Planning on (03) 5320 5580 or jessiekeating@ballarat.vic.gov.au

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