Amendment C191 & PLP/2014/829 St Pauls Way


Update May 2016:
The Minister for Planning approved Amendment C191 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme in May 2016. The Planning Permit was then subsequently issued by Council.

Update December 2015:
Council resolved at its meeting of 9 December 2015 to lodge the combined
amendment and planning permit with the Minister of Planning for approval.
Council resolved to adopt the Amendment with all changes as recommended by the
Planning Panel, including a reduction of the height of building M2 located at
the northeast of the subject land from four storeys to three storeys. Council will
now wait for the Minister’s decision and will update submitters and this
webpage once this has been received.

Amendment C191 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme proposes to:

  • Rezone the land from Public Use Zone Schedule 5 (Education) to the Mixed Use Zone
  • Rezone the road reserve to the west from Commercial 1 Zone to Mixed Use Zone and remove the Heritage Overlay (HO176) from the road reserve

Planning Permit application PLP/2014/829 is for a:

  • Six lot subdivision
  • Staged development of four multi-storey residential apartments
  • 19 townhouses
  • Four office and retail units with 2 associated residential apartments
  • Waiver of carparking and creation of an easement


The subject site is shown below, within the orange hatched line:


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Update November 2015

The independent Planning Panel Report for the St Pauls Way residential development has been received by Council and is now available in the documents section of this page.

Panel Recommendations

The independent Planning Panel has confirmed that the proposed rezoning and development at St Pauls Way is suitable and recommended that Amendment C191 be adopted and the Works Approval Application be granted (subject to some changes).

The Panel found:

  • There is strong strategic support for medium density housing on the site
  • The Residential Growth Zone is a suitable zone for the site and is consistent with its strategic policy context
  • The site’s likely association with the mass meetings prior to the Eureka rebellion does not preclude the proposed rezoning or development
  • The overall design and arrangement of the proposed buildings and open space are appropriate
  • The height of the M2 building should be reduced to three storeys
  • There are no traffic, access or parking issues that preclude the rezoning and proposed development of the site.

What Happens Next

The Panel report will be presented (early December) to the City of Ballarat Councillors who will consider the recommendations of the Panel and vote on what to do next. The Councillors will either agree in part or full with the Panel recommendations, OR, disagree with the Panel and abandon the process. All submitters will be advised of the Council meeting and will have an opportunity to present to Council.


September 2015 Update

Expert evidence documents for the independent Planning Panel Hearing are available in the documents section of this page.

June 2015 Update

The applicant having once received all submissions has prepared a set of amended plans. The main changes are as follows;

  • Replace replaced Zone from Mixed Use to the Residential Growth Zone;
  • Delete office/retail component from the proposal;
  • Increase the separation distance of M1 from the land to the west in accordance with the provisions of Clause 55 of the Ballarat Planning Scheme;
  • Combine M2 and M3 and increased setback along St Pauls Way and the Unmade Government Road;
  • Redesign M4 to allow for greater internal amenity
  • Increase areas within and around the site for landscaping including the provision of canopy trees; and
  • Ensure car parking meets the relevant provisions of the Planning Scheme Provisions.

Updated Plans are available in the documents section of this page.

If you have made a submission, your submissions along with the proposal and Council Officer recommendations are scheduled to be presented to Council in August. An invitation detailing the time and date, including how you can go about presenting to the Council will be separately forwarded to you.

If you wish to discuss the changed plans or your submission, please contact Amy Boyd, Coordinator Statutory Planning on 5320 5573


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  • Amendment C191 and Planning Permit application PLP/2014/829 was on public exhibition fromThursday 26 March 2015 to Friday 1 May 2015.
  • A ‘Drop-in’ open house information session was held between 4-7pm to ask any questions you may have and look at the plans Tuesday 14 April 2015.
  • Submissions were accepted in writing by 5pm on Friday 1 May 2015

‘Ballarat Planning Scheme Amendment C191’.

Name and contact details of submitters are required for Council to consider submissions and to notify such persons of the opportunity to attend Council meetings and any public hearing held to consider submissions. In accordance with the Planning and Environment Act 1987, Council must make available for inspection a copy of any submissions made (please contact Council’s Privacy Officer on (03) 5320 5500 if you require further information).

For further information please contact:

Strategic Planning
P: +61 3 5320 5580