Amendment C185 - Proposed New Saleyards: Central Victoria Livestock Exchange


Amendment C185 - Proposed New Saleyards: Central Victoria Livestock Exchange

Update October 2016 - Development Plan for the proposed Central Victoria Livestock Exchange endorsed 

Council officers have completed the administrative process to endorse the Central Victoria Livestock Exchange Development Plan including various technical reports. The endorsement of the plan means development can begin on the land which was rezoned North West of Ballarat in January 2016.

The assessment and endorsement of the development plan is a standard administrative matter and comes after the Environment Protection Authority issued a works approval for the development. The City of Ballarat is satisfied the development plan is consistent with the issued EPA Works Approval and other requirements contained within the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

The endorsed Development Plan for the saleyards is available for download.


The Minister for Planning Richard Wynne has approved Amendment C185 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

Amendment C185 rezones the proposed site to a Special Use Zone for the purpose of the saleyards business and makes other changes to the Planning Scheme to allow for the saleyards to be developed.

This decision came into effect on Thursday 20 January 2016 when it was published in the Victorian Government Gazette.


Now that the Amendment has been approved by the Minister for Planning,
there are two more steps required to be taken by the applicant before final
approvals can be issued.

What do Council’s Planning Department and the other Government Agencies now need to assess?

The applicant is required to complete many detailed plans as part of the ‘Development Plan’,through the Special Use Zone that will apply to the site. These include:

  • Existing Conditions; Site Layout and
    Landscaping Master Plans
  • Vegetation Management Plan
  • Car Parking and Traffic Management Plan
  • Flood Investigation and Flood Risk Report
  • Drainage Report
  • Stormwater Management Plan
  • Operations and Environmental Management

These plans need to be approved by many agencies and authorities, along
with Council, before the development of the saleyards can take place.

What happens with the EPA Works Approval Application?

The EPA will now consider the independent Panels’ report and will only approve the Works Approval Application if set environmental standards are met (including for odour and noise).

When will development of the land start if all approvals are granted?

Development is likely to take place in early-mid 2017.

Your Questions Answered

Will the saleyards have a negative impact on Miners Rest?

The Panel has found the proposal does not create any social or environmental issues that are considered to have unreasonable impacts on Miners Rest. The Panel stated the site is far enough from adjoining properties that it can meet all relevant
environmental standards. What is not clear from looking at the maps is the
significant road infrastructure barrier between the proposed saleyards and Miners

Is the Minister for Planning’s decision final?

Yes. The public Exhibition and Panel process presented an opportunity for submissions for or against the proposed Amendment to be made, with the Panel, Council and finally the Minister for Planning required to consider all submissions and evidence presented. A VCAT appeal was lodged however with the approval of the Amendment, this has now been withdrawn. There is no further opportunity to object to the Amendment.

When will the new saleyards start operating?

Once Council officers and the EPA are satisfied will all required documentation and
approvals are granted, construction is expected to take approximately 14 months
for the site to be fully operational. It is estimated this will be around early-mid 2017. The current saleyards in Latrobe Street will continue to operate until this time.

Details of the Planning Scheme Amendment – Amendment C185

The Planning Scheme Amendment establishes a policy framework to facilitate the relocation of the existing Central Victoria Livestock Exchange to the subject land.

 The Amendment does the following: 

  • rezone the land listed below from Farming Zone to Special Use Zone, inserting a new Schedule (Schedule 15).;

  • amend Planning Scheme Maps 5 and 6;

  • amend the Schedule to Clause 52.03 to include a new incorporated document titled
    ‘Central Victoria Livestock Exchange, Ballarat December 2014’; and

  • amend the Schedule to Clause 81.01 to include a new incorporated document titled
    ‘Central Victoria Livestock Exchange, Ballarat December 2014’

The amendment is supported by several documents that can be accessed to the right (these are not amendment documents):

The first document is an initial summary response to the Development Plan requirements of the proposed Special Use Zone Schedule 15. This document sets outhow the applicant will meet the various planning requirements, from site plans to vegetation management, car parking and traffic, flood and drainage, amongst other matters, before the saleyard can be developed.

What are the details of the Works Approval Application - Service Order Ref: 101580

The Works Approval Application is required to ensure the proposal meets the relevant environmental protection policies. A Works Approval Application has been lodged with the Environment Protection Authority Victoria, which is required as the livestock saleyards is a ‘scheduled premises’ under B02, pursuant to the Environment Protection (Scheduled
Premises and Exemptions) Regulations 2007.

The EPA notice reads as follows:


Regional Livestock Exchange (RLX) Operating Company Pty Ltd, (Part) 22 -76 Victoria Street, Miners Rest, VIC 3352. Relocate the Central Victoria Livestock Exchange (CVLX) from its existing site in central Ballarat to the proposed site in Miners Rest, with a design throughout of approximately 1.6 million sheep and 70,000 cattle per annum.


Timelines - what happens next?Top of document.

Estimated timeframe and stage in the Process

 14 October 2015 Council considers the Panel report and resolves to adopt Amendment C185 to allow the saleyards to be developed on the proposed site. The Amendment was then lodged with the Minister for Planning for final approval.
Mid-January 2016  The Minister for Planning approved Amendment C185 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme, rezoning the leand to allow for a saleyards.
Early-Mid 2016

The EPA now need to consider the Panel's report and determine the Works Approval Application.

The Applicant needs to complete the Development Plan required under the zone to the satisfaction of Council and other government bodies, before development can begin.


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Expert Advice

Ballarat Planning Scheme Amendment Documentation:

EPA Works Approval Application Documentation:

 Supporting documents:




For further information please contact:

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