Amendment C183 – Anomalies and Minor Changes

UPDATE 2016:

Amendment C183 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme was approved in September 2016, correcting a significant number of zoning, overlay and text anomalies. The Amendment also removes some redundant controls to ensure the accuracy and efficiency of the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

City of Ballarat has prepared Amendment C183 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme, which is now on formal public exhibition. As all land in Victoria is subject to land use planning and development controls included within a Planning Scheme, the City of Ballarat is undertaking an Amendment to the Ballarat Planning Scheme that proposes to correct minor errors and anomalies within these land use planning controls.

This is a standard process that takes place every few years and will ensure that the development approvals process is not unnecessarily hindered by out-dated or erroneous controls.

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