Amendment C178 - Burrumbeet Catchment – Proposed Flood Controls


What is Amendment C178?

The amendment implements the findings of the Burrumbeet Flood Investigation (Water Technology Pty Ltd 2013) by introducing planning controls that seek to improve the performance of the Ballarat Planning Scheme in responding to issues relevant to flooding.

Amendment C178 applies a number of changes to the Ballarat Planning Scheme including the Floodway Overlay (FO) and Land Subject to Inundation Overlay (LSIO) in the Burrumbeet Creek Catchment to land that has been identified as at risk of flooding in the Burrumbeet Flood Investigation. This area includes parts of the Miners Rest Township and Invermay. There will be a number of exemptions from the need of a planning permit for things such as small scale extensions. In many circumstances, the Overlay(s) will only cover part of a property, not the entire property.

These overlays will trigger planning permits for development, works and subdivision on land affected by flooding.

Modified schedules to the FO and LSIO have been prepared which remove some unnecessary controls by providing exemptions for some buildings and works. The schedules also specify Application requirements, Decision guidelines and Referral obligations. The schedules rely on the Burrumbeet Creek Local Floodplain Development Plan October 2015 which is an Incorporated Document at Clause 81 of the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

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