Amendment C161 - 1187, 1189 and 1191 Geelong Road, Mt Clear


Final Approval

In 2012 VicRoads sought to apply a Public Acquisition Overlay to three residential properties at 1187, 1189 and 1191 Geelong Road, Mt Clear.  The land is adjacent to the Geelong Road / Whitehorse Road intersection.  VicRoads plan to undertake extensive works on the roundabout to assist with current traffic issues and require additional land to facilitate these works.  VicRoads applied to Council to become the Planning Authority for this amendment. Amendment C161

At the 12 June 2012 Council Meeting Council resolved: 

  1. Support VicRoads becoming the Planning Authority for Amendment C161 under section 9 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 and request the Minister for Planning to authorise VicRoads to be the Responsible Authority for this amendment. 
  2. Request a copy of the Consultation Strategy from VicRoads concerning Amendment C161 with the view of providing input to the plan prior to consultation commencing. 
  3. Write to affected and adjoining landowners advising of the proposed amendment and clarifying Council’s role in the amendment.

VicRoads consulted with the affected landowners and tenants during the amendment.  VicRoads has now negotiated the landowners of the affected properties regarding acquiring the land, and have advised that once the amendment is gazetted, Vicroads will then formally proceed to purchase the 3 properties.

The Minister for Planning gave final approval for the amendment in April 2013. The Ballarat Planning Scheme now contains the exhibited changes.