Amendment C160 and Planning Permit Application 2010/061 - CA63B and 63C Waterford Drive, Miners Rest


The Minister for Planning approved Amendment C160 to the Ballarat Planning Scheme, with his decision published in the Government Gazette on 16 October 2014. The approved planning permit for the residential subdivision of the land was issued shortly after.

The independent Planning Panel Hearing for combined Amendment C160 and PLP 2010 - 061 was held on the 6th March 2014 and the independent Panel Report has now been received:

Ballarat C160 Panel Report

Council will consider the report at its meeting of 23 April 2014 and will resolve whether or not to adopt the amendment. The meeting is open to the public to attend.

site map

The subject site is located on Waterford Drive on the east side of Macarthur Park (see site map). The combined planning scheme amendment and planning permit application is proposing to facilitate the rezoning of the site from Farming Zone (FZ) to the General Residential Zone (GRZ) and Public Park and Recreation Zone (PPRZ), and to subdivide the land into 35 lots. The land to be zoned PPRZ will yield environmental benefits associated with the creation of a landscaped area along the west side of Burrumbeet Creek and the re-vegetation of this waterway. It will also improve the landscape of the area, improve the quality of the water course and enable the extension of the existing pedestrian and cycling trail from the existing open space area to the north.

Changes to the Ballarat Planning Scheme

CA63B & 63C Waterford Drive, Miners Rest is currently zoned Farming Zone. To facilitate residential development and to increase recreational open space in the area as well as to ensure improvements to the watercourse are made, a planning scheme amendment is required. The area to be used for residential purposes will be rezoned to General Residential Zone (GRZ). The GRZ will enable moderate growth and diversity of housing which is consistent with existing neighbourhood character.

The area adjoining the Burrumbeet Creek is proposed to be zoned Public Park & Recreation Reserve (PPRZ). This area will contain open space, an extension of the existing walking/path from the north and the rehabilitation of the waterway.

The planning permit will enable the land to be subdivided into 34 lots and includes open space reserves for the use of all residents in the area. The proposed development is seen above.




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The following documents were available during the final exhibition period:

Further Information

For further information on Amendment C160 please contact Council’s City Strategy unit on 5320 5103 or e-mail