Amendment C155 - Expansion of Mount Helen Techology Park


The University of Ballarat submitted an application for a planning scheme amendment to rezone part of the University land on the corner of Gear Avenue and University Drive from Public Use Zone 2 to Business 2 Zone.  The rezoning is to facilitate the expansion of the existing Technology Park.  

The eventual development of the subject site will include approximately 11 new lots which will enable the construction of additional buildings.

The Minister for Planning was the Planning Authority for this amendment under the provisions of section 20 subsection 4 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.   This effectively absolves the Minister from consulting with interested parties and having amendment documents available for the public.

At the 24 August 2011 Council Meeting, Council resolved to support the Minister for Planning becoming the Planning Authority but before that support is formally provided Council requires a consultation strategy and further information on built form, connectivity and traffic movement, vegetation and landscaping as well as sustainability initiatives.

Consultation took place in November 2011 with submissions sought from the local community and agencies.  All submissions were reviewed prior to the request being submitted to the Minister for Planning.

The Minister for Planning gave final approval for the amendment in April 2012. The Ballarat Planning Scheme now contains the exhibited changes.

The proposed site development plan and aerial of the site can be viewed here:

Map of area proposed to be rezoned (388KB)


Map of area proposed to be rezoned

 Above image is map of proposed area to be rezoned

 The following documents relate to the application: