Amendment C151 - Ballarat Activity Centres Strategy


A planning scheme amendment to the Ballarat Planning Scheme has been prepared - Amendment C151 Ballarat Activity Centres Strategy.

The amendment implements the Ballarat Activity Centres Strategy (2011) through changes to Clause 21.04 and 21.10 of the Ballarat Planning Scheme. This document has sought to establish a framework for development of commercial areas within the City of Ballarat. It seeks to move away from a purely retail based system to support the establishment of mixed use activity centres.

What happens next?

The final amendment Documents were submitted to the Minister for Planning for adoption in December 2012

The Minister for Planning gave final approval for the amendment on the 26th April 2013. The Ballarat Planning Scheme now contains the exhibited changes. 

The final amendment documents are outlined below:

What has happened?

In order for the Strategy’s recommendations to be converted to land use and development controls, the Ballarat Planning Scheme needs to be updated. A process known as a Planning Scheme Amendment will update the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

This is a lengthy process whereby the State Government must assess the land use and development controls being put forward by Council.

An important step in the Planning Scheme Amendment process is the exhibition phase. The formal public exhibition period for Amendment C151 took place from Friday 17 February 2012 and concluded on Monday 26 March 2012.

Council requested the Minister for Planning to appoint an independent Planning Panel to consider all submissions received to Amendment C151. The Panel Directions Hearing was held in Ballarat on Wednesday 5 September 2012. The independent Planning Panel was held on the 15th to 19th October 2012.

 The Panel Report was released in November 2012:

The following documents are related to Amendment C151:

Council reports 

Background information   

Additional information and background material 


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