Amendment C147 - Removal of Public Acquistion Overlay from Elsworth Street East, Canadian


Amendment C147 which seeks to remove the Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO2) from the southern side of Elsworth Street East, Canadian. The Public Acquisition Overlay (PAO2) applies to approximately a 10 metre wide strip along the frontage of 14 properties on the southern side of Elsworth Street East, Canadian. The PAO was originally applied for the purpose of road widening and is no longer required. 

 PAO Elsworth Street

Council sought authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare a planning scheme amendment in accordance with the provisions of section 20 (4) of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  Under this provision Council is not required to undertake formal exhibition of an amendment, however following Council’s resolution all affected landowners were notified of the amendment prior to any formal planning process.

Council has now received notification from the Minister for Planning. The amendment removes redundant provisions from the planning scheme. The effect of the amendment is the removal of the Publuc Acquisition Overlay Schedule 2 from Elswoorth Street East, Canadian.