Amendment C141- Ballarat Open Space Strategy and Environmental Sustainability Strategy


Amendment now approved

The Minister for Planning has now approved Amendment C141 – Ballarat Open Space Strategy to the Ballarat Planning Scheme. The Amendment will come into operation when it appeared in the Government Gazette on 23 May, 2013.

The amendment implements the Ballarat Open Space Strategy Volume 1 and 2 2008 by amending a number of clauses in the Ballarat Planning Scheme, including the introduction of increased contributions from 5% to 10% public open space in greenfield areas and contributions in industrial areas for open space.

What has happened?

The Panel Report was presented to Council for adoption on 30 January, 2013. The following documents are available for download:

The submissions received during the formal exhibition period have now been collated and presented to Council for consideration. The Council report and attachments are available below: 

The amendment was placed on public exhibition from 25 May to 2 July 2012. Five submissions were received; three were objecting or requested changes to the amendment. Council officers have been liaising with the three submitters to resolve the matters raised in the submissions. One submission has subsequently been withdrawn, one submission will most likely be formally withdrawn, leaving one unresolved submission.

Submitters will be notified of Council’s resolution to request the appointment of an independent Planning Panel for Amendment C141 Ballarat Open Space Strategy in due course.

If you have any questions or require any further information please contact the Strategic Planning Unit on (03) 5320 5536 or

Outline of Amendment C141 Ballarat Open Space Strategy     

A planning scheme amendment to the Ballarat Planning Scheme has been prepared - Amendment C141 Ballarat Open Space Strategy.

The amendment proposes to modify the Ballarat Planning Scheme, including the Municipal Strategic Statement, to incorporate the recommendations of the Ballarat Open Space Strategy (2008) and to introduce a modification to the schedule to Clause 52.01 of the Ballarat Planning Scheme requiring public open space contributions of 10% for land in the Urban Growth Zone and 5% for all other areas for residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions.

More about what has happened?

The Ballarat Open Space Strategy (BOSS) was adopted by Council in April 2008, after 16 months of extensive research, workshops, surveys, submissions and community consultation. The BOSS includes many strategic directions and recommendations for improving Ballarat's Open Space to achieve the vision of:

"Providing a sustainable network of accessible open space which supports the recreational, environmental, social and health needs of the community and connects Ballarat to its past present and future".

Council resolved to commence preparation of a planning scheme amendment to incorporate the relevant sections of the BOSS into the Ballarat Planning Scheme and seek authorisation from the Minister for Planning to exhibit a planning scheme amendment.

The Strategy establishes key directions for the planning, design, development, management and irrigation of open space and promotes the preservation and creation of: 

  • Natural landscapes;
  • Quality sporting surfaces;
  • Fun and challenging play environments for all ages;
  • Waterway corridors and linkages to connect communities; and
  •  Flora and fauna habitats. 

On 12 April 2012, Council received authorisation from the Minister for Planning to begin preparation of a planning scheme amendment.

In order for the Strategy’s recommendations to be converted to land use and development controls, the Ballarat Planning Scheme needed to be updated. A process known as a Planning Scheme Amendment has commenced to update the Ballarat Planning Scheme. This is a lengthy process whereby the State Government must assess the land use and development controls being put forward by Council.

An important step in the Planning Scheme Amendment process is the exhibition phase. To provide notification of the forml exhibition period, individual notifications were sent to all those who have registered interest in the Strategy to date, along with a Council notice board item in the Courier newspaper and other forms of communication.

The formal public exhibition period for Amendment C141 concluded on Monday 2nd July, 2012. 

The following documents were on exhibition for this amendment:

 Amendment C141 - exhibition documents   

 Other information related to Amendment C151:

 BOSS Volume 1 cover page                 BOSS Volume 2 front cover

Click here to download the BOSS Volume 1 (18,047KB) and BOSS Volume 2 (776KB)