Amendment C137 - Policy Neutral Revision of Local Planning Policy Framework


Amendment C137 is a 'policy neutral' revision of the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS) which improves and updates Clause 21 of the Ballarat Planning Scheme, in accordance with the recommendations of the City of Ballarat Planning Scheme Review Report (February 2009).

During the consultation phase of the Planning Scheme Review, Council planning staff and planning industry representatives expressed a desire for an immediate amendment to simplify the Municipal Strategic Statement (MSS).Therefore, the Review recommended that, in the short term, a re-structured 'policy neutral' MSS should be prepared to present a simplified and streamlined planning framework for Council and the community.

Amendment C137 does not introduce new policies, but restructures the Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF) to remove repetition and reduce the number of local policies required. It was gazetted on the 18 March 2010, and is now apart of the Ballarat Planning Scheme.

MSS and Local Planning Policies

The MSS and Local Planning Policies are statutory documents which form part of the Ballarat Planning Scheme. Therefore, they are decision making tools which Council and other planning authorities have primary regard to when considering applications for the use and development of land in the municipality. Collectively, the MSS and Local Planning Policies are known as the Local Planning Policy Framework (LPPF).

How does C137 modify the Planning Scheme?

Amendment C137 modernises the MSS with new themes and an improved structure to accommodate future policy statements, improve policy expression, help strengthen its links with the SPPF and local provisions and make the LPPF easier to use. This restructure divides the LPPF into five key parts:

  • The MSS which comprises a Land Use framework,
  • A Built Form and Amenity framework,
  • An Environmental framework and a place-based Local Areas framework, and
  • Local Planning Policies.

Existing policies, including objectives, strategies and implementation mechanisms, have been translated into the new LPPF structure and grouped under each new theme in a 'policy neutral' manner. This provides a number of benefits, including: clearer headings; concise statements; and strategies that are linked to objectives.Where necessary, editing has been carried out on the components of the existing LPPF that have been retained, to ensure that these components reflect the updated format, structure and style of the revised LPPF.

In addition, the amendment corrects planning scheme anomalies throughout the ordinance to improve its operation and presentation, including, a number of grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other anomalies. This includes simplifying and applying consistent formatting to Zone, Overlay and Particular Provisions schedules in the Planning Scheme.

Further Information

To view the approved amendment, visit Planning Scheme Amendments Online - Ballarat Planning Scheme Amendments C137 approved documentation (Department of Planning and Community Development website).

If you require further information please contact the City of Ballarat's Strategic Planning Department by phoning (03) 53205 536 or by emailing