Amendment C127 - Miners Rest Outline Development Plan



The purpose of an Outline Development Plan (ODP) is to establish a clear direction for the future development and improvement of the area that it covers. An ODP does this through the:

  • use of maps and plans that show those areas where development is preferred and areas that need special management or protection
  • preparation of written supporting policies and development incentives

The City of Ballarat appointed THA Landscape Architects Pty Ltd, ASR Research Pty Ltd and Ross J Goyne Consulting Pty Ltd, to prepare a new ODP for the Miners Rest township and environs. An ODP was initially prepared for the township in 1994. There have been a number of significant changes within Miners Rest in the 12 years since the original ODP was prepared.

A Community Workshop was held in Miners Rest on Saturday, 14 October 2006. The outcomes of the workshop were incorporated into the draft ODP document.

A public information session was held for residents at the Cooinda Maternal & Child Healthcare Centre on Thursday, 30 August 2007 for those wishing to find out more about the draft Plan.

The draft Miners Rest ODP was exhibited in September-October 2007 with submissions closing on Friday, 5 October 2007.

Following the consideration of community comment, the Miners Rest ODP 2007 was adopted by Council on 12 December 2007. The adopted ODP provides an up-to-date review and assessment of how the township is developing, and a vision of how it should develop in the future. It can be downloaded below or viewed at the Ballarat Town Hall, Sturt Street, Ballarat.

Amendment C127

Amendment C127 has been prepared to introduce the recommendations of the Miners Rest ODP 2007 into the Ballarat Planning Scheme. Amendment C127 has been on public exhibition and a number of submissions were received in response to the amendment. Council resolved at it's meeting on Wednesday 9th June, 2010 to refer the submissions to an Independent Panel. Once appointed the Panel will hold a hearing and then prepare a report and recommendations for Council's consideration. It is anticipated the Panel hearing will be held in Ballarat during late August or September 2010.

The amendment documents can be downloaded below.

Panel Hearing

A Panel Hearing was held in the Council Chamber, at the Town Hall on Monday 30 August 2010.

Council received a report from the Panel containing recommendations in relation to the amendment. You can download the Panel Report below:


What Happens Next

Council considered an officer’s report on the Amendment C127 Panel Report at its meeting on 25 May 2011 and resolved to:

  1. Receive the Panel Report on Amendment C127 dated October 2010, and endorse the Officer’s recommendations contained in Attachment 7 to this report.
  2. Receive the submissions made in relation to the content and recommendations of the C127 Panel Report.
  3. Reaffirm that while Ballarat West is the primary growth area in the City of Ballarat, short to medium term residential and commercial/community infill development in accordance with the Miners Rest 2007 Outline Development Plan is consistent with current State and Local Planning Policy and with the Central Highlands Regional Strategic Plan (June 2010).
  4. Not adopt Amendment C127 at this stage; and reconsider adoption of Amendment C127 after the investigation of constraints imposed on residential in-fill development in Miners Rest is completed, and related work on mapping of flood prone land and the Dowling Forest Racecourse has progressed to the stage of preparation of planning scheme amendments.
  5. Note that any long term urban expansion of Miners Rest would need to be determined and supported through the development of the Ballarat Settlement Strategy, which will define the future role of Miners Rest in providing for the housing needs of the City of Ballarat.
  6. Assess options for the future use of the quarry site and adjoining land, including making an application pursuant to section 149A of the Planning and Environment Act 1987 to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal to establish the quarry’s existing use rights; more rigorously determining the appropriate buffer area for the Miners Rest quarry; and investigating an appropriate overlay control to trigger a permit requirement for buildings and works within the quarry’s defined buffer area.
  7. Note that the contents of the Ballarat Aerodrome Noise Modelling Study (September 2010) will be used to inform the planning for any residential infill development in Miners Rest.
  8. Request the Minister for Planning to extend the adoption period of Amendment C127 by one year, pursuant to section 30 (1) a ii of the Planning and Environment Act 1987.
  9. Advise the Minister for Planning, all submitters and all applicants requesting a rezoning in Miners Rest of this resolution.

The Minister for Planning has agreed to extend the adoption period of Amendment C127 for a period of one year, to 4 June 2012.  Over this period, Council will be following up on the implementation actions contained in its resolution of 25 May 2011.

Contact Details

For further information, please contact Strategic Planning on 03 5320 5536, or email, or by post to: Strategic Planning, City of Ballarat, PO Box 655, Ballarat Vic 3350.


The exhibited Amendment documents can be viewed via the Department of Planning and Community Development webpage:

Miners Rest Outline Development Plan

Appendix 1 - Action Plan

Maps for Appendix 2 of the Miners Rest Outline Development Plan


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