Amendment C119- 193 Swinglers Road, Invermay


Coughlan Civil Pty Ltd, on behalf of Sandra Hoare and MA Novak, has submitted a combined planning scheme amendment request and planning permit application to rezone 193 Swinglers Road, Invermay, from Special Use Zone 5 – Private Education Establishment to Rural Living Zone and to seek approval to use the existing building as a single dwelling and associated buildings and works.

Council has recieved authorisation from the Minister for Planning to prepare the amendment.

Public exhibition of the amendment and supporting documents has recently finished on the 3rd March 2011.

Map- 193 Swinglers Road, Invermay

C119 map


Next Stage

A report will be taken to Council to resolve whether to proceed the amendment to the next stage. The next stage includes requesting the Minster for Planning to approve the amendment so it can therefore be incorporated into the Ballarat Planning Scheme. Any submitters to the amendment will be notified in due course as to when the report will be taken to Council.


Planning Scheme Amendment Documents:

Explanatory Report (exh)

List of Changes (exh)

Instruction Sheet (exh)

Schedule to Clause 35.03 (exh)


You can also view the Amendment Documents on Planning Scheme Amendments online.

Planning Permit Documents:

Planning application Form (PDF)

Draft Permit

Shed Elevations (PNG) 

 Effluent Disposal

Title Plan

Title Plan