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Ballarat West


The Ballarat West Growth Area will cater for primarily residential growth and provide services and infrastructure for new communities. The Growth Area comprises 1,717 hectares of Greenfield land located to the west of Alfredton, Delacombe and Sebastopol. The Growth Area will provide around 18,000 new houses at full development to accommodate a population of over 40,000 people.

City of Ballarat is committed to planning for three interrelated projects which respond to these growth pressures - the Ballarat West Growth Area, the Ballarat Western Link Road and the Ballarat West Employment Zone. These initiatives ensure the city can accommodate population growth in a sustainable manner, capitalise on investment opportunities and improve efficiency of transportation.


About the Growth AreaTop of document.


Expert witness statements have been circulated to all parties.  Councils expert witness statements are below:

 Developer Expert Witness Statements are below:



TimelineTop of document.

January 2010-Background research and studies begin in order to prepare the Precinct Structure Plans (PSPs) required by the Urban Growth Zone.

March 2010-The Minister for Housing announces that the City of Ballarat was successful in obtaining $1,880,000 from the Housing Affordability Fund from the Commonwealth Government. The financial contribution will enable a faster delivery of the PSPs. The Ballarat West PSP Steering Committee is also established.

July 2010-Technical studies continue to be completed to assist in the planning for the Growth Area while preparation of the Precinct 3 PSP is undertaken by the local development company Integra.

Dec 2010- Council undertakes public consultation on the Alfredton West Precinct Structure Plan (Precinct 3).

Feb 2011-

June 2011- Minister for Planning, the Hon Matthew Guy approves the Alfredton West PSP. It is implemented by introducing Schedule 1 to the Urban Growth Zone and includes the “Alfredton West Precinct Structure Plan 2011” as an incorporated document in the planning scheme.

Aug-2011-June 2012

Community consultation is undertaken as part of preparing PSPs for the remaining three residential precincts in Ballarat West. These are known as Bonshaw Creek, Greenhalghs Road and Carngham Road precincts.Preparations of the plans continue and are finalised, along with a Development Contributions Plan which will fund the infrastructure requirements of the future development.

Council resolves to send both plans to the Minister for Planning for approval.

October 2012-   The Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plan for the remaining three precincts is approved by the Minister for Planning. It is implemented by introducing Schedule 2 to the Urban Growth Zone through Amendment C158.

Precinct Structure PlanningTop of document.

A Precinct Structure Plan (PSP) is a long-term strategic plan that describes how a precinct or a series of sites will be developed.  They are detailed master plans which identify housing, town centres, community facilities, open space and transport networks in new neighbourhoods, delivering effective and integrated future planning for new communities.

PSPs must be prepared in accordance with thePrecinct Structure Planning Guidelinesof the Department of Planning and Community Development (DPCD). The guidelines prescribe the process of preparation, required contents, as well as the format of a PSP.

To ensure that the growth area planning objectives are achieved and liveable communities are planned for, the following elements must be addressed in the PSPs: 

  • integrated neighbourhood design,
  • community facilities,
  • activity centres and employment areas,
  • housing,
  • open space and natural systems,
  • transport and movement, and
  • utilities and energy.

PSPs are included in the Planning Scheme via a standard amendment process. Once a PSP is approved, permits can be issued for the subdivision of land. Preparation of PSPs, as mandated by the Planning and Environment Act 1987,have now been completed for all precincts of the Ballarat West Growth Area.

Ballarat West Precinct Structure Plans

The Growth Area consists of 4 planning precincts comprising of 1,717 hectares of Greenfield land located to the west of Alfredton, Delacombe and Sebastopol. The Precincts are:

  • Bonshaw Creek- Precinct 1 (707ha)
  • Greenhalghs Road- Precinct 2 (296ha)
  • Alfredton West (Lucas)- Precinct 3 (317ha)
  • Carngham Road- Precinct 4  (296 ha)

Find out more about the PSPs for precincts 1,2 and 4 on the PSP page, or precinct 3 on the Lucas page.

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