Ballarat Planning Scheme


Clause 21.10  - Reference Documents

Reference documents provide background information to assist in understanding the context within which a particular policy or provision has been framed. Reference documents have only a limited role in decision making as they are not part of the planning scheme. They do not have the same status of incorporated documents or carry the same weight. The reference documents in the Ballarat Planning Scheme currently include:


The Ballarat Planning Scheme sets out policies and provisions for the use and development of land in the City of Ballarat. 

The Planning and Environment Act 1987 requires that the planning authority regularly reviews the provisions of the planning scheme.  The most recent review was completed in July 2015:

Ballarat Planning Scheme Review Report, July 2015 (1.03MB)

Clause 80 - Incorporated DocumentsTop of document.

Incorporated documents are essential to the proper functioning of the planning scheme and decision-making and must be taken into account by Council. Clause 81.01 and Schedule to Clause 81.01 of the Planning Scheme lists those documents that are incorporated in the Scheme. Schedule to Clause 81.01 lists the incorporated documents that the City of Ballarat has included in the Planning Scheme.  Links to these documents are contained below:


81.01 Table of documents incorporated in this scheme

Schedule To Clause 81.01Top of document.