Council’s Report & Consent must be obtained in relation to a design, which does not comply with Part 5 of the Building Regulations. Part 5 of the Building Regulations sets out the minimum siting requirements with respect to building setbacks,  building heights, site coverage, impermeable surfaces, solar access, overshadowing, overlooking, fence heights, etc.

The application form for Report & Consent consists of two parts: Part A and Part B. Each application must be accompanied by the supporting documentation and an application fee - please refer to Part A application form for a complete list of all documents. It is strongly recommended that the proposal is assessed by the Relevant  Building Surveyor prior to making an application for a Report & Consent to ensure that any non-compliance is accurately identified.

How To ApplyTop of document.

How to apply for Report & Consent:

  • Complete Part A application form;
  • Complete Part B application form – one form for each applicable regulation;
  • Provide  current copy of a Certificate of Title, that shows the current owner(s) details;
  • Provide full copy of the plan of subdivision and any registered Covenants and Section 173 Agreements;
  • Provide comments from the affected neighbours
  • Provide two completed sets of architectural drawings per regulation, to be signed and dated by the adjoining property owners; and
  • Pay application fee of $278.85 per regulation.