Place of Public Entertainment


A Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) is defined as an area greater than 500m2 which is used for public entertainment (an event) and is either:

  • Enclosed or substantially enclosed or
  • To which admission is gained by giving of money or other consideration. 

POPE Occupancy Permit


Pursuant to sections 49 and 50 of the Building Act 1993:

  • a person must not conduct a public entertainment in a POPE unless an Occupancy Permit has been issued for the venue.
    Note: conduct is defined as having a direct financial interest in the proceeds or profits generated by the event.
  • the owner or occupier of a POPE must not for fee or reward permit the place to be used for the purpose of providing Public Entertainment unless an OP has been issued for the venue.


  • Community-based organisations using outdoor recreational facilities greater than 500m2 (not including temporary structures) are exempted from the requirement to obtain POPE occupancy permit, if the number of persons in the place at any one time does not exceed 5000 (Regulation 1102, Building Interim Regulations 2017)

Note: These requirements bind the Crown, State and Federal Governments and their agencies.


Please view the POPE FAQ Document for more information on when you need a POPE Occupancy Permit and Excemptions.

How To ApplyTop of document.

To apply for a POPE Occupancy Permit please download and complete a POPE Occupancy Permit Application and make payment either:

  • In person at Customer Service Phoenix Building or
  • By mail:

    Municipal Building Surveyor
    City of Ballarat 
    PO Box 655
    Ballarat VIC 3353