Wendouree Easy Walks


The Wendouree Neighbourhood Centre and the City of Ballarat would like to invite you to use the ‘Easy Walk’ and ‘Easy Cycle’ maps which show how easy it is to travel around Wendouree.

In April 2015 20 local Wendouree residents tested pathways to work out how far they could travel from central Wendouree in 10 and 20 minutes. The information gathered  at that event has been used to create the ‘Easy walk’ and ‘Easy cycle’ maps.  For many residents their journey from home to a shop or recreation location can easily be achieved in a 10 to 20 minute journey.

As well as being a healthier, greener alternative to driving, walking saves people money, gives them a chance to get to know their neighbours, encourages local shopping and helps make streets safer.

Local traders benefit too – research indicates people who walk to the shops spend more money and make more shopping trips than people who drive.  Fewer cars on our road means less money needs to be spent on road maintenance, and it also cuts traffic accidents.

Council is keen to encourage active transport across the city as it supports healthier and more sustainable alternatives to driving.

Council’s Sport and Recreation Strategy highlights the importance of active transport. It states that the use of the motor vehicle as the first preference is changing with walking, cycling and other modes of active transport increasing significantly. In addition to Council’s Sport and Recreation Strategy, The Council Plan 2013-2017, has active transport as a strategic objective with the aim of making walking a priority through infrastructure development.  Linking community education and promotion initiatives with infrastructure planning and development is a strategic way forward for local government to promote and facilitate active transport.

There are many reasons to start walking and cycling – to relax, for exercise, to get somewhere, because the dog needs it, because it’s cheap or to just get out of the house. Start now!