Lake Learmonth


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Lake Learmonth is located in Central Western Victoria, approximately 120kms north west of Melbourne and 15kms north west of Ballarat along the Sunraysia Highway. Lake Learmonth and the surrounding foreshore cover an area of 500ha.

It is one of four shallow lakes in the Ballarat area and was used extensively for water-skiing, fishing, sailing and swimming. 

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In 1997, an Advisory Committee to Council was formed which has been responsible for investigating a number of studies and implementation of the Lake Learmonth Master Plan.


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A Lake Learmonth Master Plan was developed in 2002. The Lake refilled in January 2011 and has been reopened for water skiing following the lifting of the 5 knot speed limit. The Lake had been dry since 2001. A revised master plan has been developed in response to current climatic conditions, as well as the economical and social situation of the township of Learmonth and its relationship to the Lake.

A revised Lake Learmonth Master Plan 2007 was adopted by council which focuses on the Northern foreshore abutting the township. It provides alterations that encompass current economical and climatic conditions and rationalization of infrastructure which will provide recreational opportunities for residents and visitors whether the lake is dry or wet.

Council is now in the process of implementing and developing some of the initiatives outlined within the Masterplan and addressing some that have arisen since its conception.

Lake Learmonth Foreshore Concept Plan (November 2008)

Key Issues

Revitalise and encourage use of the Lake foreshore 
Investigate the possibility of creating feature ephemeral wetlands 
Address the issues associated with many of the foreshore trees coming to the end of their useful lives through a removal and replacement program 
Facilitate passive recreation of the foreshore area through expansion of pedestrian networks 
Address the issues associated with the poor state of the foreshore road 
Understand the effects of development of fairy grass