Since 1999, the City of Ballarat has constructed seven wetlands. These projects provide better regulation of run-off and allow retention to reduce flooding. The greatest threat to lakes, rivers and streams is pollutants, litter, nutrients and sediments.

Wetlands with appropriate litter traps and riparian plant communities can provide a natural and sustainable method of regulating such inflows and protecting water quality. The establishment of shallow protected waters separate from the lakes and rivers provides an appropriate habitat for a desirable range of native birds and flora.

Management of Wetlands includes the following:

  • Vegetation health
  • Sediment and nutrient management
  • Water health including algal growth
  • Water runoff condition of water entering water bodies, including faecal matter from domestic animals as well as household or industrial chemicals (oil, solvents, detergents, etc)
  • Pedestrian safety and access
  • Access for maintenance activities
  • Wildlife aquatic and terrestrial fauna

Wetlands of Ballarat Municipality:

  • North Gardens Wetland - Wendouree Parade, Lake Wendouree
  • Redan Wetland - Orion Street, Sebastopol
  • Yuille Station Wetland - Vickers Street, Sebastopol
  • Pauls Wetland - Dowling Street, Wendouree
  • Hocking Avenue Wetland - Hocking Avenue, Mt Clear
  • Winter Creek Wetland - yet to be accessible to the community
  • Nerrina Wetland - Lofven Street, Nerrina
  • Miners Rest Wetland - corner of Clark and Raglan Street, Miners Rest