Guide To Event Permits


Parking, the hire of public areas, food fundraising, traffic control and liquor permits are just some activities that require approval. It is important that the Event Committee applies for the necessary permits or approval well before the event and is able to produce such permits on request.


See the table below for permits or approvals that may be required at a community event:

Permit and Relevant Authority


Booking of Public Open Space


City of Ballarat –

Open Space Maintenance Unit

The City of Ballarat has 45 sports grounds available for use by community organisations’, bookings will need to be considerate of any Tenants and any ground preparation works (Fridays). 


Lake & Garden Precincts bookings must be made through the Ballarat Botanical Gardens:

  • Ballarat andBuninyongBotanical Gardens,EurekaStockadeMemorial ParkandLakeForeshore
  • Ph:  5364 2764 or Email:

Fireworks & Pyrotechnics


City of Ballarat –

Regulatory Services

A person must not conduct fireworks displays or otherwise ignite fireworks without a

permit. Only licensed pyrotechnicians may be issued a permit.


In considering a permit application, an Authorised Officer may take into consideration:

  1. Whether Work Safe approval has been issued
  2. Whether Country Fire Authority approval has been issued.
  3. Whether the application complies with Dangerous Goods (Explosives)    Regulations 2000, or other relevant legislation
  4. The location of the proposed fireworks
  5. The potential impact on residents
  6. Other relevant matters

 Food Registration/Approval



City of Ballarat Environmental Health Unit

Environmental Health is responsible for monitoring food standards in public areas.  You need to inform the Environmental Health Unit of details of event if selling or providing food to community members (this includes sausage sizzles, fete cake stalls & alcohol).

The Environmental Health Unit will provide information whether a food license is required & safe food handling techniques.

  • Food businesses with an existing Victorian Food Act registration must lodge a statement of trade with Council Environmental Health Unit – Once this has been provided business can operate under their existing registration.


Itinerant Sales/Commercial Activity 


City of Ballarat Regulatory Services Unit

Commercial activity on Council Land (Local Law No. 15)

a)    A person must not, without a permit, carry out any commercial activity on Council land.

b)    For the purpose of this clause 8.1 a person is deemed to have complied if;

  1. The commercial activity is an integral part of an activity authorised by a permit issued under the provisions of another clause of this Local Law; or
  2. The commercial activity forms the basis of some other binding agreement entered into with the Council.


 Marine Safety



Marine Safety Victoria is responsible for determining standards and procedures for navigation and maritime safety on State waters. Victorian waters include all inland waters including river, creeks, canals, lakes and reservoirs, as well as coastal waters up to 3 nautical miles offshore.

There are general rules for all waters in the State and local rules for specific waterways.

The rules are designed to provide a safe operating environment, to cater for the wide range of boating and water activities, to separate different activities where needed on the basis of safety and to reflect local conditions. The rules are detailed in the Vessel Operating and Zoning Rules for Victorian Waters. From time to time there may be a need to temporarily amend or modify vessel operating and zoning rules or restrict or prohibit vessel operation with respect to any boating activity that is held or to be held on specified waters.


Liquor Licences


Department of Justice

Application form must be completed by unlicensed organisations or clubs wishing to trade on a one-off occasion such as fete, festival or sporting match

  • Adhere to Liquor Regulation
  • Required to submit event management plan
  • Security personal required for events involving alcohol (numbers dependant on size of event)

Please note: Sale of alcohol requires a Food Act Registration 



City of Ballarat Environmental Health Unit

Council’s Local Law 15 restricts the use of amplified equipment unless in accordance with a permit.

For large events an approved Noise Management Plan may be required to mitigate impact on surrounding occupants and residents. If required, advice can be provided by Councils Environmental Health Unit on the required contents.

For Music events compliance with the State Environment Protection Policy (Control of Music Noise from Public Premises) is required.

For more information please see information available from the Environment Protection Authority.



Places of Public Entertainment (POPE)  


City of Ballarat Building Unit

    Occupancy Permits

-      Temporary Structures


Public Entertainment is defined as an entertainment or meeting to which admission may be ordinarily gained by members of the public ie general community is eligible to attend the entertainment or meeting. 

A Place of Public Entertainment (POPE) is defined as:

  • a building: or
  • an enclosed or substantially enclosed place/venue: or a place or venue for which some type of admission fee (money or otherwise) is charged for entry
  • where the building or place has an area of greater than 500m2 and is being used to provide Public Entertainment. 

Requirement for Occupancy Permit

Pursuant to sections 49 and 50 of the Building Act 1993:

  • a person must not conduct a Public Entertainment in a POPE unless an Occupancy Permit (OP) has been issued for the venue. Note: conduct is defined as having a direct financial interest in the proceeds or profits generated by the event.
  • the owner or occupier of a POPE must not for fee or reward permit the place to be used for the purpose of providing Public Entertainment unless an OP has been issued for the venue.

Note: These requirements bind the Crown, State and Federal Governments and their agencies.

Contact Council’s Building Unit to determine if a POPE Occupancy Permit is required.

 Public Liability



All community stalls/organisations participating in a community event require

current public liability insurance.


  • Community event organisers need to have a copy of each organisation/ groups current Public Liability Certificate of Currency.

Rubbish Management


City of Ballarat Waste Services

Loose litter is a major burden on Councils resources. Each year Council staff and contractors collect approximately 700 x 50 litre bags of litter and spend an estimated 88,000 hours collecting loose litter.

Significant fines apply to littering offenders in accordance with Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) regulations. Council’s Local Laws and Compliance Officers impose fines on behalf of Council, and the general public can also report offenders to the EPA.  More information can be obtained from the EPA website at

If there are large amounts of rubbish being generated from the operation of the kiosk or from other social functions being held at the pavilion/reserve, it is the responsibilities of the Event Organiser to dispose of this rubbish.

Additional bins can be organised at cost through Council’s Waste Services Unit.

Temporary Road Closure/Traffic Control Application


City of Ballarat –

Regulatory Services

Large community events/walking parades that require full or partial closure of a road require a permit for the event to be undertaken on road reserve.


  • Submit application with supporting information and Traffic Management Plan.

 Temporary Structures


City of Ballarat Building Unit

 More then 20 tiered/bank of seats within a structure

A marquee, tent booth over 100m2 requires a temporary structure permit.

Area over 500m2 which requires payment on entry – POPE required.


 Tobacco Sales



Tobacco Sales are prohibited at events.



City of Ballarat 


Advertising Signs / Display Of Goods

(a) A person must not, without a permit, place or cause or authorise another person to place:-

1.  An advertising sign on any Council land;

2.  An advertising sign attached to a vehicle where the vehicle is parked in any road for a continuous period of 30 minutes or more; or

3.  Any goods for display or sale on any road.

(b) Council may by resolution exempt any person or class of person or any particular type of advertising activity from the requirement to obtain a permit under the provisions of this clause 8.2.

(c) Council’s Footpath Trading Policy 2007 (as amended from time to time) and any other matter relevant to the application will be used as a basis for determining whether a permit may be issued.

(d) When any advertising signs or goods are placed or displayed contrary to this Local Law or in contravention of any permit conditions the advertising sign or the goods may be removed by an Authorised Officer and impounded.

 Stall, Displays & Promotions


City of Ballarat Regulatory Services Unit

A person must not, without a permit, on any road or Council land:-

1.  Sell any raffle tickets or other similar items;

2.  Fundraise by way of public approach or other similar activity;

3.  Hold an information stall or display; or

4.  Any other such promotional activity.

 Toilet Facilities



 Depending on the number amount of patrons attending and whether or not the event is licensed will determine how many toilets will be required. The number of persons should include the general public, participants, contractors, vendors, and the event employees.

The general rule is:

  • 1 toilet/washbasin for every 200 female/male patrons or part thereof in a non licensed event
  • 1 toilet/washbasin for every 75 female/male patrons thereof in a licensed event.
  • Urinals can be provided for males however at least 30% of the total required facilities must be closet pans. 

One wheelchair accessible toilet is required for every 100 closet pans which means that most events will only require either one unisex disabled pan/washbasin or one male and one female pan/washbasin where facilities for males and females are provided separately.



All relevant permit must be maintained onsite & be made available on request of an Authorised Officer, non compliance with any of the conditions or requirements of the permit will render the event permit invalid.