Council: means the City of Ballarat or Ballarat City Council. Terms are interchangeable.

Reserve: means any Council owned, controlled or operated recreation facility or open space.

Tenant: for the purpose of this permit, shall mean the club, school, institution, society, team or other body or individual to whom permission to use the facility set out in the permit has been granted by the Council.

The following conditions will apply:

1. Regulations and Legislation

The Tenant must comply at all times with all Local Laws, and applicable state or federal legislation and all applicable regulations for the care, protection and management of the facility hired.

2. Damage to Premises

The Tenant must not attach anything to the premises which will mark or damage the premises, nor cause or permit any damage or excessive wear and tear to the premises. Any such damage or excessive wear and tear which has occurred during the period of hire which has not been repaired to Council’s satisfaction by the Tenant will be repaired by the Council and all costs incurred charged to the Tenant;

3. Supervision of Premises

The Tenant must provide a suitable number of competent attendants and supervisors to ensure efficient supervision and safety to people within the reserve, as well as the preservation of order during the hire period.

4. Cleaning of Premises

The Tenant is responsible for cleaning the grounds, spectator areas, car parks, change rooms/ social club rooms and all other areas occupied by the Tenant and spectators immediately following use of the premises. Bottles and excess rubbish must be removed by the Tenant and not left in or outside the premises. Where provided, receptacles for recycling should be utilised. No foodstuffs are to be left in internal bins or external litterbins other than those fitted with vermin proof lids. Should these facilities not be cleaned to the Council’s satisfaction, the Tenant shall be charged the full costs of any cleaning required.

5. Damage/Loss

In the case of damage or loss, the Tenant must inform Council as soon as possible but no later than midday on the next normal working day following the event.

6. Assignment

The Tenant must not purport to assign authority to any other party. The rights conferred to the applicant are exclusive.

7. Right of General Public

The Tenant must ensure that their activities cause minimal disruption and interference with the general public’s rights of access and enjoyment of these areas.

8. Availability of Facility

Council’s Event Coordination Group has the authority to withdraw the use of any facility on the basis of any one or more of the following causes:

Condition and safety of facility where the facility is

  • Unusable due to inclement weather,
  • Unsafe for match play and training due to ground safety conditions; and/or
  • Required to undertake surface repairs and/or redevelopment works.
  • Any aspect of the facility creates a threat to public health or wellbeing or could cause damage to property.