Ballarat has a long and proud reputation for hosting both large and small events and is very active in supporting, attracting and developing even more great events that will promote and enhance our fantastic community.

If you are planning an event in Ballarat, the City of Ballarat’s Community Events team can help

  • Providing professional event management 
  • Event assistance
  • Advice on event planning

The Events team coordinate a range of major events, civic celebrations, and community activities on behalf of the Ballarat community.


Event Assistance

 To ensure your event is safely delivered and is the best that it can be, we can provide assistance in the following ways:

  • Assist and advise in event management;
  • Provide options and referrals on local businesses, activities and entertainment;
  • Assistance with applying and obtaining all necessary event permits
  • Provide options on possible venues for your event
  • Assist with booking a Council venue

Community groups may also seek financial assistance from the City of Ballarat by applying through the Event Grants process.

Planning an EventTop of document.

Ballarat has extensive parks, waterways, and sporting reserves that can be utilised by events and activities of all description. To manage these resources on behalf of the community, those responsible for planning and delivering the event (Event Manager), must apply for a permit to use the public space (Venue).

Whether you are organising a public or a private event, if it occurs in any of Ballarat’s public spaces you need to get an event permit.

What is a public space?

  • Road, street, footpath, mall, court or alley
  • Public garden, reserve, or other place of public recreation.
  • Sports grounds and facilities
  • Waterways
  • Open space to which the public have or are permitted access.
  • Crown Land
  • Land owned by or managed by Council

Does the size of my event matter?

Whether or not your event will be attended by a small group of people or a large crowd, you are required to have a permit to use the space. The size of your event may influence the requirements of the City of Ballarat to ensure that the community attending your event are safe and your event is successful.

Applying for a permitTop of document.

The process for applying for an event permit is to complete an Event Application. Please also see the Ballarat Event Guide. This will clarify what permits you may need, explains who to contact to reserve a venue, and contains the Application for Events on Council Land Guide.

In most cases detailed information will be required to support your Event Application. This is needed to ensure; 

  • The venue is reserved for your event
  • The venue is appropriate for your event
  • The event will be delivered in a safe manner for all those in attendance
  • The event will not damage or impact the environment*

*Every event and activity using Council land MUST return that space in the same condition as it existed prior to the event or activity.

In addition to requiring a permit to conduct your event on public space, particular activities and types of infrastructure (marquees, stages, food sales, etc.) will also require specific permits from Council and/or the relevant regulatory state government departments.  See the Guide To Event Permits for further information.