Community Safety Awards


The City of Ballarat Community Safety Awards are presented as part of ‘Community Safety Month’ and aim to publicly acknowledge the great work and initiatives of individuals, groups and organisations who have made a significant contribution to safety in the local community.

As part of the Community Safety Awards, the City of Ballarat Community Safety Advisory Committee will provide a $1000 prize to the individual, group or organisation judged to be most successful at improving community safety. The City of Ballarat Community Safety Prize is provided to assist with further implementation and development of the nominated project.


Award Categories:

  • Improving Community Safety
  • Urban Design for Safe & Healthy Environments
  • Preventing Crime


Nominations will be considered that focus on:

  • Reduction of crime
  • Injury prevention
  • Promoting positive perceptions of safety
  • Community building
  • Active citizenship and participation


The ‘Ballarat, a safe city’ Community Safety Advisory Committee will review nominations and select recipients.

Each application will be assessed on four key areas:

  1. Originality and appropriateness to the target audience
  2. The project/individual has identified causes of, and found solutions for, a community safety issue
  3. The project or work of the individual has identifiable safety outcomes for the community
  4. Use of a partnership approach by the individual/organisation to address safety issues

2017 WinnersTop of document.

Improving Community Safety

Food is Free Laneway

The Food Is Free Laneway is an inclusive community space set up in 2014 where people can donate their surplus fresh food (mostly homegrown) as well as seeds and seedlings and helps to provide equal access to healthy, high-quality, nutritious, safe and cost-free food for citizens as well as self-sufficiency education.

With up to 100 visitors daily, and with a wide variety of community group partners, the laneway has broad community appeal and provides an inclusive safe space for people with a wide variety of health issues. Apart from the food baskets and sharing tables, they also have small container gardens, a herb rack, a compost bin, seed exchange options, a worm farm and citrus trees.

Urban Design for Safe and Healthy Environments

Stockland Wendouree’s Adult Change Facility

Stockland Wendouree responded to their customers and community and have installed an adult change facility within the centre. Completed in September 2016 at a cost of over $30,000, the facility has enabled people with disabilities to use the facilities by themselves, consequently increasing their confidence. Carers are also able to assist in a safer and cleaner environment, thus enabling people with a disability to participate more fully in social, recreational and community activities.

The facility has a height adjustable, adult sized changing bench, a tracking hoist system, space for two people and provides a safer and cleaner environment. Stockland Wendouree partnered with Changing Places to complete the project to ensure that it meets the needs of people with complex disabilities.

Stockland is also intending to create a ‘Quiet Room’ and ‘Inclusive Playground’ in coming months.



Crime Prevention

Communities of Respect and Equality (known as CoRE)

This initiative, led by Women’s Health Grampians, aims to increase the safety of women and children by preventing instances of violence before they occur. By promoting gender equality, respectful relationships and raising awareness about the systems which condone and facilitate violence, CoRE aims to promote communities that are safer for everyone.

The Communities of Respect and Equality initiative is a regional partnership of organisations, networks and clubs.

The CoRE alliance currently has 63 members, who have committed to the vision and goals listed in the CoRE plan. With the support of Women’s Health Grampians staff, members work to identify actions they can take both internally and externally across the 5 key action areas of: challenging violence against women, empowering women and girls, challenging stereotypes and norms, building respectful relationships and promoting gender equality. 



Community Safety

The City of Ballarat Community Safety Prize of $1,000 was awarded to: Food is Free Laneway


Congratulations to all nominees and award winners.