Adaptive Reuse of a Heritage Place - Special Commendation

Suttons House of Music, 31 Sturt Street, Ballarat
Owner: D. Fry

First built in 1891, Suttons quickly became a renowned attraction in the centre of town and a hive of culture and music. For a number of years now the building has been used as a variety of retail stores, keeping its illustrious history hidden. In November 2014 Suttons re-opened to become Ballarat’s newest cultural and music hub, celebrating the history of Ballarat’s Sutton family and their wonderful piano emporium. Through very clever and careful renovations, Dani and her team have embraced Henry’s creative past and Ballarat’s musical history to bring the building back to life and support an important intangible cultural legacy: Ballarat's music.


Suttons House of Music

  Special Commendation

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