Heritage Innovation - Finalist

Digitising the Chinese Newspapers of the Goldfields Ballarat
Ballarat Library in collaboration with the Gold Museum, State Library of Victoria, State Library of NSW, National Library of Australia)

The Chinese Advertiser (Australia’s first Chinese newspaper) and the English and Chinese Advertiser (the world’s first bi-lingual Chinese newspaper and only ones known) are unique to Ballarat.  This collaborative project was coordinated and supported by the Ballarat library. It consisted of sourcing some volumes of the newspapers that had been missing from Ballarat for over 150 years, digitising all the only known and very delicate copies of the issues, and enabling them to be seen together for the first time on multiple easy-to-search digital platforms. The project was undertaken in partnership with the Ballarat Gold Museum, the State Library of Victoria, the State Library of NSW and the National Library of Australia.  These papers have given a new perspective on the Chinese experience and interactions on the goldfields, unearthed some fascinating stories and are inspiring research.

Chinese Advertiser