Conservation of a Heritage Place or Historic Collection (Community) - Finalist

City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band, 212 Ripon Street South, Ballarat

The City of Ballarat Municipal Brass Band has been entertaining citizens of Ballarat since 1900, with links back as far as 1887. The band has played a significant role in ceremonies and festivals such as ANZAC Day and the Begonia Festival. Members take deep pride in their long and interesting history and importantly undertake research, collaboration and correlation of information for current and future generations to enjoy and appreciate. The Band maintains an extensive collection of sheet music dating back to the Band’s early years, and keeps early pieces ‘alive’ through including them in their repertoire.  They are also a resource for other bands around Australia seeking rare older music.  In addition to keeping a historic collection members continue to conserve the ‘intangible’ heritage, keeping skills and traditions alive to pass on for all to enjoy and cherish.

COB Brass Band