The Ballarat Heritage Awards 2013 drew a magnificent crowd in celebration of the communities desire to commemorate and promote Ballarat’s heritage. An unprecedented amount of organisations, heritage place owners and community members nominated for an award gathered with anticipation at this prestigious event. 

Presented by the City of Ballarat in partnership with the National Trust of Australia - Ballarat Branch and proudly sponsored by Commerce Ballarat, Haymes Paint and Sovereign Hill, the awards recognised heritage excellence.

The awards were open to a wide range of community, government and non-government sectors.

The 2013 award winners demonstrated excellence in creative/adaptive reuse, sympathetic new design, conservation, skills, innovation and outstanding contribution to heritage.

The winners and finalists received commemorative plaques at a formal awards ceremony held at the Art Gallery of Ballarat on 10 May 2013.


Ballarat Premier Apartments, 2 Lyons Street South
AWARD - Creative/Adaptive Reuse of a Heritage Place

39 Victoria Avenue
AWARD - New Work/Development within a Heritage Area

24 Webster Street
AWARD - Conservation of a Heritage Place or Historic Collection

Angelo Christofi & Chris Christofi, Buttoning Upholstery, Heritage Skills
AWARD - Special Heritage Skills (Traditional)

Dr Dorothy Wickham
AWARD - Special Heritage Skills (Research & Authors)

The Wadawurrung Dya Baap Ngobeeyt Cultural Heritage & Mapping Management Project
AWARD - Heritage Innovation


Mitchell Harris Urban Cellar Door, 38 Doveton Street North

Ballarat & District Industrial Heritage Project, University of Ballarat


Ballaarat Mechanics Institute for long-term commitment to heritage conservation
Ballaarat Mechanics Institute, Building Restoration
Ballaarat Mechanics Institute for Restoration & Preservation of Nineteenth Century Collection

Jackson's & Co for contribution to Heritage Streetscape
Jackson's & Co, 201 Mair Street

Award Categories

1. Creative/Adaptive Reuse of a Heritage Place
2. New Work/Development within a Heritage Area
3. Conservation of a Heritage Place or Historic Collection
4. Special Heritage Skills
5. Heritage Innovation
6. Greg Binns Award for Outstanding Community Contribution to Heritage

1.     Creative/Adaptive Reuse of a Heritage Place
        (Proudly Sponsored by: Commerce Ballarat)

The ‘Creative/Adaptive Reuse of a Heritage Place’ award recognises successful adaptive reuse. Adaptive reuse is the process of changing a disused or redundant heritage place for a different or creative purpose. Finalists have demonstrated outstanding adaptive reuse of a heritage place whilst having minimal impact on what makes the heritage place special.

Finalist were judged on:

1. Could the heritage place have continued its original use/level of difficulty
2. Community benefits (i.e. enhances streetscape, enables (or enhances)
    public use and access)
3. Other positive benefits (i.e. economic, tourism, business opportunity, flow
    on effects)
4. Retention of and/or minimal impact on the Significant Heritage fabric
    (i.e. early or original physical material (can also be archaeological) that is
    important to the story of the heritage place) 
5. Innovation & Creativity


2.     New Work/Development within a Heritage Area

The ‘New Work/Development within a Heritage Area’ award recognises sympathetic design of new buildings or structures within heritage conservation areas (the Heritage Overlay) or within a heritage landscape. Finalist have demonstrated outstanding fulfillment of best practice principles in keeping with local/state guidelines and the Australian ICOMOS Burra Charter and is sympathetic to the heritage area.

Finalist were judged on:

1. Sympathetic design (for example if the new work is replicating heritage
    exactly or unrelated to the heritage in the area it is not considered to
    be sympathetic).
2. Does it adversely affect (distort, obscure or detract) significance (including
    interpretation, appreciation or experience) of the heritage area?
3. Innovation (value adding)


3.     Conservation of a Heritage Place or Historic Collection

The ‘Conservation of a Heritage Place or Historic Collection’ award recognises best practice in looking after a place or collection/individual item so as to retain what it is that makes it significant.

This may include undertaking:

  • Restoration– returning the existing fabric back to a known earlier state by removing additions of by reassembling without the introduction of new material.
  • Reconstruction– returning to a known earlier state and is distinguished from restoration by the introduction of new material.
  • Preservation– maintaining the fabric in its existing state and slowing down/preventing deterioration.
  • Maintenance– the continuous protective care of the original fabric and the area around the place or object, and is different to repair.
    (Repair involves restoration or reconstruction).

Finalist were judged on:

1. Excellence (i.e. level of skill, attention to detail)
2. Sustainability (i.e. has the conservation of the heritage place or collection
    ensured its longer term existence?  This could include new technological
    improvements that contribute to its conservation and do not negatively
    impact on its heritage value or significance or it could be that a large
    percentage of original or early fabric (physical attributes) which make the
    place or item significant are retained)


4.     Specialist Heritage Skills
  (Proudly Sponsored by: Haymes)

The ‘Specialist Heritage Skills’ award recognises tradespeople, professionals, researchers or conservators who work using specialist knowledge or traditional methods/craftsmanship, demonstrating heritage best practice to a very high standard.

Finalist were judged on:

1. Demonstrated excellence by individual or company (i.e. level of skill, best
    practise approach, attention to detail)
2. Contribution to conservation and/or understanding of heritage (ie. keeping
    rare skills alive, extent of impact of work – the flow on effect)

The judges awarded two awards this year:

Special Heritage Skills (Traditional)


Special Heritage Skills (Research and Authors)


  5.     Heritage Innovation

The 'Heritage Innovation' award is an open category that recognises best practice, innovative work that contributes to one or more to the following:

  • Our knowledge of heritage
  • The protection, conservation, preservation and/or management of heritage
  • Supporting community members who care for heritage (i.e. assistance, advice or incentives)
  • Communicating, promoting and celebrating heritage
    Heritage can be natural, indigenous and historical. For example: natural environment, aboriginal culture, cultural, intangible (such as stories,
    skills, dance, knowledge), built heritage, post contact, archaeological (including maritime).  All of these areas are a part of the rich tapestry
    that makes up Ballarat’s unique heritage.

Finalist were judged on:

1. Demonstrates excellence (ie. Best practise)
2. Innovation and/or creativity
3. Contribution to heritage (ie. Our knowledge of heritage; the
    protection/conservation/preservation/management of heritage;
    supports community members who care for heritage;
    communicates/promotes/celebrates heritage)
4. Flow on benefits


6.     Greg Binns Award for Outstanding Community Contribution to Heritage

Greg joined the Trust in 1966 and when he shifted to Ballarat in the late 1960’s he became an active member of what was the first Trust Branch in Victoria outside Melbourne.  In 1971 he was on the committee and he remained an active member from that time, being at various times President and Treasurer.  Greg was given Honorary Life Membership of the Trust in 2000 and in 2005 was awarded the Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the community of Ballarat, particularly through environmental, arts and heritage organizations.

Greg’s involvement in the branch activities was significant and included active involvement in various campaigns to protect endangered heritage buildings, planning and participation in a wide range of car and walking tours organized by the local branch, assisting in various working bees, involvement in recording the status of entries from the Trust register of Significant Trees in Ballarat and their inclusion in an i Phone App, and as a representative of the Trust on a large range of local organizations.

Greg’s depth of knowledge, his passion for history and heritage and willingness to always help, will be sorely missed, not only by the Trust but by the wider community.

The ‘Greg Binns Awards for Outstanding Community Contribution to Heritage ’ award went to:


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Photographs from the 2013 Ballarat Heritage Awards.



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