Australian Ex-POW Memorial


The Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial was opened on 6 February 2004 by General Peter Cosgrove AM MC to recognise and remember the 36,000 Australians who became Prisoners of War during the Wars of the 20th Century.

In 2008 the Memorial became the First Military Memorial of National Significance outside of Canberra, and in 2010 the Memorial was listed on the Ballarat Heritage register by the City of Ballarat.

The Memorial which was designed by Peter Blizzard OAM, symbolises that all Australian prisoners embarked on a journey to serve away from their homeland and acknowledges the hardship, deprivation, brutality, starvation and disease endured by Prisoners of War during their capture and the scars that many continued to endure upon their repatriation to Australia.

Located in the North Gardens, just next to the Ballarat Botanical Gardens, the Memorial is a place of quiet reflection, where loved ones are remembered and the names of more than 8,600 Prisoners of War that died in captivity and are buried on foreign shores; now a final resting place. 

For more information visit the Australian Ex-Prisoners of War Memorial website


Australian Ex-POW Memorial

[Image credit: Tony Evans Photography]