Outdoor Dining and Trading


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What is Outdoor Dining and Trading?

Outdoor dining and trading relates to the use of an adjacent footpath by a business to provide outdoor dining, sale of goods or advertising. The City of Balla rat recognises the important role street dining and trading plays in adding life, activity and vibrancy to its streets. Whilst Council encourages street dining and trading, it is also responsible for maintaining standards for the safety, accessibility and appearance of its streets, footpaths and public spaces.

Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy 2017

The Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy has been developed with a focus on encouraging street dining and trading within the city. It aims to support businesses to plan, operate and maintain street dining and trading areas by providing a set of guidelines and standards that are clear and easy to understand and by simplifying the application process.

The policy incorporates feedback recieved from traders and the wider community. lntial survey's sent to existing permit holders found that of the 150 traders who responded, 85% of them agreed that Outdor Dining and Trading added significant value to Ballarat's streetscape.

The document sets clear minimum standards to ensure that outdoor dining and trading areas are planned, operated and maintained in an appropriate manner and that the needs of all users are balanced.

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Outdoor Dining and Trading Permits

The City of Ballarat assesses all applications for permits and monitors the operation of outdoor cafes. It is the responisbility of the opertaor to ensure they understand and are aware of their permit requirements and responsibilities in maintaining safety, access and amenity of the public space.

The permit is issued for a 3-year period, however a certificate of compliance must be obtained and submitted to council annually. Existing permit holders can re-apply every three years.

Download and complete the Outdoor Dining and Trading Permit.


Previous Footpath Trading Policy 2013

The Outdoor Dining and Trading Policy 2017 is the active policy for new or amended applications, the Footpath Trading Policy 2013 is still in effect for older applications.