Investment Facilitation Group


The City of Ballarat’s Investment Facilitation Group is helping support new business development in Ballarat.

Booming population growth means opportunities for investors and businesses looking to establish, expand or relocate. The City of Ballarat, through its new Investment Facilitation Group, is committed to providing assistance to new and existing businesses to stimulate local economic activity

Invest Ballarat

The City of Ballarat Investment Facilitation Group will:

• Accelerate planning approvals for significant projects that have a strong economic imperative.

• Ensure a strong link between the system of planning approval and achieving sustainable growth and expansion.

• Provide a one-stop-shop for developers and investors for investments and planning applications recognised as delivering a beneficial increase in employment.

• Assist developers and investors to identify and implement creative and lateral solutions to complex issues that would normally prevent projects from proceeding.

• Create the best possible environment for investors and developers to proceed with approved developments through to construction.

• Reduce the development costs for significant projects due to protracted and uncertain application scenarios.

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