Payments Online

Payments for the following may be made via Council's eServices system:

  • Animal Registration and renewal
  • Council services
  • Rates
  • Infringements
  • Food Registration
  • Public Health and Wellbeing Registration
  • Residential Tenancies Registration
  • Septic Tank Permits

Making a payment on eServices

Make A Payment

BPay ViewTop of document.

Receive, pay and store your City of Ballarat Rate Notice in your online banking.

With convenient email, SMS or bank message reminders* and secure online or mobile access, BPAY View makes it easy to pay on time, every time†. And BPAY View is easy on the environment too.

Sign up to BPAY View today :

1 Log into your online banking account.

2 Look for the BPAY View or View Bills section.

Register to receive your City of Ballarat Rate Notice by entering:

  • the BPAY Biller Code: 1420
  • your BPAY View registration number: This is the BPAY reference number (assessment no.) which appears on the front of your rate notice.

Note: You may not receive your paper bill once you have registered to BPAY View.

BPAY® and BPAY View® are trademarks of BPAY Pty Ltd ABN 69 079 137 518. *Notification options may vary for each Financial Institution. Contact your Financial
Institution for further information and terms and conditions.

BPay or POSTBillPayTop of document.

  • To use BPay online you need to register for Internet banking with your participating bank, credit union or building society. Once registered, use the appropriate code listed in the table below to make payments.
  • To use POSTbillpay visit to sign up or login to make payments.
Payment itemBPay Biller CodePOSTbillpay Code
Animal Registration Renewal 1404 0316
Debtors 1412 0315
Parking Infringement n/a 2373
Rates 1420 0314 


Detach the payment slip/notice and post along with your cheque or money order to:

Manager Finance, City of Ballarat, PO Box 125, Ballarat Vic 3353.

A receipt will not be issued if you use this method of payment.

In Person / Phone BankingTop of document.

In person

Visit our Customer Service Officers at the payments counter.

When: Monday to Friday, 8.15am to 5.00pm (excluding public holidays)
Where: Phoenix Building, 25 Armstrong Street South, Ballarat

Payments may be made by cash, cheque, money order or EFTPOS, Visa, Mastercard or Bankcard. A cashier will issue an official receipt upon payment.

Phone banking

Contact your participating bank, credit union or building society to access phone banking facility information and registration details to make payments directly from your savings, cheque or credit card account over the phone. Quote the Biller Code (listed in the table above) and Reference Number on the notice you are paying.

Telephone 13 18 16 - quote the Billpay Code (listed in the table above) and Reference Number on the notice you are paying.