Local Laws


No. 12 - Saleyards

The purpose of this Local Law is to:

  1. to provide for the administration and management of the Ballarat Livestock Selling Centre (also known as the Central Victorian Livestock Exchange (CVLX) by conferring discretionary authority on the Manager to manage the Saleyards on Council's behalf.
  2. to assist in the documentation of procedures and the expectations of Saleyard users such that accreditation to NSQA can be achieved.
  3. to enable the Manager to set and collect fees from vendors selling stock in the Saleyards and to prescribe the level of those fees.
  4. to enable the Manager to prescribe the days and hours during each day on which sales can be held at the Saleyards.
  5. to protect Council assets and facilities at the Saleyards.
  6. to promote and enforce appropriate adherence to occupational health and safety practices at the Saleyards.
  7. to control and prevent behaviour which is a nuisance, or which may be detrimental to health and safety.
  8. to control the use of dogs at the Saleyards.
  9. to regulate smoking and the consumption of alcohol at the Saleyards.
  10. to provide for the administration of Council's powers and functions.
  11. to control the quality of livestock products through the fair and reasonable treatment of animals and the application of adequate animal husbandry practices.

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Community Local Law 2017Top of document.

City of Ballarat are currently reviewing Clause 66.1 and Clause 71 which relate to the use of Remotely Piloted Aircraft on Municipal Land and Roads, and as such, until further notified no permit is required for their use provided the aircraft is used in accordance with CASA Regulations.

Permit to Burn

The City of Ballarat have recently redefined our permit requirements for burning off. If you're planning to burn within land zoned as Urban Residential or Rural Residential, unless the land is greater than 2 hectares, you will need a permit. If you're unsure what your land is zoned, please contact Customer Service on 5320 5500 however this has also been added to the definition sections of the Local Law.

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Meeting Procedure Local Law 2018Top of document.

The purpose of this Local Law is to:

  1. provide for the election of the Mayor.
  2. regulate the use of the common seal.
  3. prohibit unauthorised use of the common seal or any device resembling the common seal.
  4. provide for the procedures governing the conduct of Council meetings and Special Committee Meetings.
  5. clarify the role of Portfolio and Lead Councillors.

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