Councillor Portfolios


 The framework enables alignment of key Council functions, planning processes and organisational structure. Representation on committees, boards and external bodies can also be aligned to this model.

Council functions are divided into three key areas:

  • Growth and Development
  • People and Communities
  • Destination and Economy

The portfolio structure promotes the following:

  • Better integration and direction for all growth planning
  • Recognition of the importance of service and planning delivery
  • Focus on planning for a future of sustainable growth
  • Delivery of initiatives from strategies including the Council Plan, Business Plans, Ballarat - Today, Tomorrow, Together, Health and Wellbeing Plan

Growth and Development Top of document.

Lead Director - Director of Growth & Development 

The Growth and Development portfolio committee will oversee and plan for residential, industrial and commercial growth in Ballarat.

The committee will develop priorities to deal with the employment, infrastructure and housing issues arising from the expected 30% growth in Ballarat's population over the next 25 years.

Key projects and priorities:

  • Revitalisation of the Central Business Area of Ballarat
  • The Ballarat West growth area housing, employment and infrastructure challenges
  • Development of the Ballarat Airport
  • Asset management and narrowing the infrastructure renewal gap
  • A review of Ballarat's Planning Scheme
  • Preparing a Housing Strategy for Ballarat
  • Achieving best practice planning and development approvals processes that enable development
  • Protecting Ballarat's heritage
  • Pursuing key transport priorities - including the Western Link Road and Geelong Road upgrade
  • Protecting Biodiversity
  • Greenwaste and landfill management issues

People and Communities Top of document.

Lead Director: Director of People and Communities

The role of the People and Communities portfolio committee is to promote a safe, healthy, environmentally sustainable, innovative and well-serviced community.

Key projects and priorities:

  • Promotion and implementation of the Positive Ageing Strategy
  • The adoption of the Youth Strategy which addresses the health and wellbeing needs of young people
  • Promotion of child and family friendly communities
  • Developing key strategies to support and promote a connected, inclusive community
  • Deliveringthe key sporting precincts for Ballarat

Destination & Economy Top of document.

Lead Director: Director Destinations & Connections 

The role of the Destination and Connections portfolio committee is to oversee the destination management of Ballarat. This includes reshaping perceptions of Ballarat in making it a place of choice to visit, live and invest.

Key projects and priorities:

  • Destination marketing: tourism, events and cultural attraction marketing
  • Arts and culture framework: a co-ordinated strategic approach to Ballarat's cultural and heritage assets
  • Art Gallery of Ballarat, Her Majesty's Theatre and the Eureka Centre: management, promotion and programming
  • Destination and city branding: destination branding targeting visitation, liveability and investment
  • Economic development: strategy, investment, sector development and facilitation
  • Adaptive management of the iconic landscape in response to climate change



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