Caretaker Period


Election Period Policy

The Caretaker Period for the Victorian Local Government Elections begins at midnight at the end of Tuesday 20 September and ends 6pm, Saturday 22 October, 2016.


During the caretaker period, the business of the City of Ballarat continues and ordinary matters of administrationwill be addressed. The special provisions of the Caretaker Period ensure a fair election and an equal platform for all candidates.


As part of its Election Period Policy, the City of Ballarat's website will be updated to comply with guidelines, with information about the Ballarat City Council and individual Councillors removed. Council has obligations under section 55D of the Local Government Act which restrict the content that can be displayed during this period.The City of Ballarat social media and community engagement will also be updated to reflect the Election Period Policy.


The policy is also available at the City of Ballarat’s Customer Service Centre, The Phoenix, 25 Armstrong Street South and City of Ballarat libraries.

Information Request Register Top of document.

All requests for information by a Candidate in the 2016 Council elections made during the election period, Wednesday 21 September to Saturday 22 October will be recorded on the Election Information Request Register processed by Ballarat City Council. Candidates can make requests by submitting their requests in writing via email to:


Requests for information must:

  • be in writing and lodged electronically via email titled 2016 Election Information Request to:;
  • clearly describe the information being sought; and
  • include the name and contact details of the Candidate requesting the information.


A response will not be provided by Council:

  • that might be perceived to support election campaigns;
  • if the request is vague, too wide, ambiguous or unduly onerous;
  • if the request is derogatory, defamatory or embarrassing to any Candidate or other person. 


The register will not include:

  • requests for information relating to the election process as these should be referred to and managed by the Returning Officer.


Privacy collection statement:

Please note that Candidates information collected during the processing of a request for information will be undertaken in accordance with Councils Privacy Policy, for more information see Councils Privacy Statement. Details of Candidate’s name and request will be published in the 2016 Election Information Request Register.


If you have any queries about the 2016 Election Information Request Register, please contact the Safety, Risk and Compliance Team by email:

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